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Thread: Added too much algaecide...what to do

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    Added too much algaecide...what to do

    I am a new pool owner it was just installed last fall, I have been watching this amazing resource for sometime now I have a question of my own. We also just brought home our second child, and that is what I am blaming this brain fart on!!! I was given HTH Algae stop 15( as well as other HTH chemicals as a sort of pool opening gift from the inlaws), So my pool has been running amazingly thanks to helpful tips from this website, I also drove down to a Leslies store in Buffalo and bought a FAS-DPD test kit, on this sites recommendation. It has been great the water test right in range all the time but lately I had been getting a slippery feeling on the bottom and sides of the pool, no visible algae but I though well i have the chemicals right here I might as well add some algaecide. The direction on the box recommend an initial dose of 135 ml per 10,000ltr of water ( my pool having approx. 84,000ltrs) or a maintenance dose of 80ml per 10,000ltrs. I though I would add the lower amount as there was nothing visible. This is where the brain fart comes in, I in a moment of exhaustion though that there were 100ml in a litre, so I figures i needed about 8.4 ltrs of the stuff which was handy because I had a 8 ltr jug. So in the entire jug goes. no real issues. until about 12 later I decided to also shock the pool, as soon as the shock hit the water , it turned to milk. I panicked ran to this website realized my mistake and am not really sure what to do.... since then the pump has been running full speed fro two days the water is clear, there was a ton of dead algae on the bottom that I vacuumed to waste( looked like sand), and I also backwashed the filter for an extended time, but now I am trying to add water and it is foaming up quite a bit. Any suggestions? Would it be safe to swim in? I have tested the water and these are the results

    FC= 3
    CC= 0
    Salt 3100
    Ph 7.5
    CYA= 40

    The Products used:

    Algae stop 15 by HTH (arch chemicals)
    N-alkyl(40%c12 50%c14 10%c16)Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride .......15% 8 litres

    Shock Treatment by HTH
    (it has no chemical composition on it, don't even see it on website I think it is from Costco) 454gram bags and I used 2.8 bags as per directions of 150 grams per 10,000ltrs of water.

    any assistance will be greatly appreciated....


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    Re: Added too much algaecide...what to do

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    If you are seeing algae in the pool, you need to follow the SLAM process. [slam:r9d4cjsq][/slam:r9d4cjsq]

    Chlroine will also take care of any problems the algeacide is causing. {And I hope you are aware that there is rarely ever a need for that stuff}
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    Re: Added too much algaecide...what to do

    If you are using powdered "Shock Treatment", you are not using the methods and chemicals recommended here. You are adding a lot of unneeded chemicals to the pool. If you follow methods in Pool School (button upper right on this page) you won't need algaecide or other additives. Chlorinate with liquid (bleach) and control pH with muratic acid to lower or borax to raise covers 99% of what we do.
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    Re: Added too much algaecide...what to do

    A couple things... algaecide is for the Prevention, not the removal of algae. Chlorine is the chemical to kill algae and the best form is liquid chlorine (bleach). Solid forms of bleach/shock/sanitizer can be slower acting, typically add too much CYA (conditioner), and effect other water balance levels.

    Also, algae will grow in clear water and make your pool feel slimy anytime the FC (free Chlorine) level is too low for your CYA level. Since you are using solid forms of chlorine (bags/pucks/tabs) you are likely adding CYA. So, if your CYA is 40, your FC MUST stay above 3 PPM or you will grow algae and you will get slimy. Sounds like a SLAM would be your best course of action.
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