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Thread: How to get chlorine out of Carhops!!!???

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    How to get chlorine out of Carhops!!!???

    Hey what's up everyone. I am new to the BBB TFP Method. I started in the spring using this method. I've had great results. I opened a swamp, and it took about 2-3 weeks to clear up. I then had high alkalinity and took care of that after another week. I've only had one time where I let my chlorine get too low and had an algae bloom. I think it was partly because I hadn't killed ALLLLLL the stuff from the swamp. ANYWAYYYYY.......

    I've had great success using liquid chlorine only and muriatic acid for the PH that somehow continues to rise even with a low alkalinity. I'm using about .5 Gallons of 12% every day or other day. I've been able to find a 4 gallon case at Menards and Big R for pretty cheap when it's on sale. But when it's not I get a 5 gallon Carhop from the pool store. I get a discount because I have a painting/pressure washing business account with them. I get 5 gallons for $14.


    My question is this. Is there an easy way to get the chlorine out of there? I purchased one of those siphon pumps you have to shake in an attempt to transfer from 5 gallon carhop to 1 gallon containers. That didn't work. Pouring the chlorine out of the Carhop makes a mess on the side of the pool. Any secret TFP tricks to doing this?

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    Re: How to get chlorine out of Carhops!!!???

    You sound like you'd be a great candidate for an injection pump. With that you could just pump right out of the carboy.
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    Re: How to get chlorine out of Carhops!!!???

    I have not used this on chlorine containers, but when I had to siphon out the drain pan on my a/c I used 1/4" refrigerator tubing and an infant nasal aspirator. It is the clear tubing used for ice makers, inexpensive and available at most hardware stores. You would cut off about 2-3 feet of tubing, place one end in the 5 gallon container and squeeze the nasal aspirator before inserting it in the other end of the tube. Release the pressure on the aspirator, pull it out, squeeze and insert it again, release and repeat until you see the liquid start to flow in the tube. 2 or 3 squeezes should do the job. Insert the free end of the tube into the container you want to fill. When it is close to being full you can pull the tube out of the 5 gallon container, or close it with your finger if you are wearing rubber gloves and want to fill another container.

    You say you regularly use 1/2 gallon at a time, if you time how long it takes to fill 1/2 gallon into the gallon container you could just siphon the chlorine directly into the pool. As long as there are no obstructions in the tube it should take the same amount of time to siphon the same amount of liquid for each dose.

    After siphoning you should rinse the tube in the pool.
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    Re: How to get chlorine out of Carhops!!!???

    Uhhh, isn't a Carhop a waitress that takes and delivers orders to cars at a drive in? I think the word you wanted is Carboy.

    Anyway, any siphon pump will work. You can get them pretty cheap, like this one... ... 4AodA0MAmw
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    Re: How to get chlorine out of Carhops!!!???

    Haha, I was waiting for someone to catch that! My mind was in the gutter I guess lol. I found this from searching these forums I think I might buy....

    They've got spigots for the carboy's there. Pretty cheap. Would be perfect for me!

    Thanks for the help guys!
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