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Thread: Coping issue: WWYD? (Updated: thanks!)

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    Coping issue: WWYD? (Updated: thanks!)

    Update: The PB is replacing the tiles, but now we are on the "naughty list" I suppose. Nothing can proceed until they're done, and the response made it seem like they will not be in a hurry. Thanks for your feedback.

    I'm pulling this out from the build thread to hopefully get more replies.

    We are using quartzite for the coping around our pool. There are two tiles we have issue with, and we raised these issues before the tiling was complete and before the tiles were grouted. They were not addressed and now the tile and coping have been grouted for over a week. There were also some pieces that were uneven, and that was fixed last week. The project manager (allegedly) inspected the tile after it was laid and again after we raised concerns. He didn't agree/disagree that these were problems, but he noted that he saw what we saw. The construction manager for the company just came out yesterday or today and said they were simply "natural variations in the tile."

    Here is the first, a crack on one of the coping pieces in the deep end of the pool:

    We have no idea how deep the crack is, and as it is near the edge, we have concerns as to the tile eventually splitting off along the crack. This crack is NOT a natural variation in the tile, it is a crack.

    Location of coping piece on pool:

    Here is the second, a crack and a crater in a piece along the edge of the spa:

    This picture shows the roughness of the crater better:

    While the crater is a natural variation in the tile, why on earth was it used? Just because the tile exists, it doesn't need to be laid. The edge of the spa is often used for seating, and that would rip suits and be uncomfortable. Also, the tile has a crack. If I were laying tile, I would pick the piece up and think, "Hmmm, we got a bum piece" and NOT use it or use half of it for a cut piece and discard the crater/cracked section.

    Location of coping piece on spa:

    So, are we being too particular? Will replacing the coping at this point be problematic? WWYD? ALL opinions welcome, even if you think I'm nuts. Thanks!
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    Re: Coping issue: WWYD?

    I think the one at the deep end should be replaced at the very least, I see it as a safety issue. If it gives way while someone is standing there they could get hurt. The other one isn't as critical and maybe could be repaired somehow. Depending on what the PB proposes a repair could be acceptable. I agree though that tile should have been used as a cut piece.
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    Re: Coping issue: WWYD?

    Its your pool / your money - I would insist that they replace those two tiles. I understand that there is natural variation with the stone, but the tile with the crater should not have been used. It is right by the spa and you will always notice it and will be kicking yourself for years down the road if you do not get it fixed now. We had a piece of Travertine by our spa that had a crater in it. I know it occurs naturally with the stone, but it was very noticable and right at the spa. If they had placed this stone somewhere else and fixed it by filling with grout, I would not have cared as much, but it was the first thing you saw as you were stepping into the Spa, so I insisted that they have it replaced.
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    Re: Coping issue: WWYD?

    Replace. We had a few pavers replaced that we didn't think were up to our standards. I was concerned about getting the pool guy mad but I just mentioned it once and he switched it out.
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    Re: Coping issue: WWYD?

    Honestly, I don't think the crack will cause a problem, but if it's gonna bug you forever you might as well have them change it.

    I'd be more upset about the layout on the top of the spa. Those corner pieces should be cut 45 degrees so you don't have those little slivers in there.
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    Re: Coping issue: WWYD?

    Natural materials have imperfections and that should be expected. The tile work looks skillful to me.
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    Re: Coping issue: WWYD?

    If it were mine, I'd have the tiles replaced. I don't think they "add character", but rather detract from the (otherwise) nice tile work. Stop asking the PB what he thinks and tell him the tiles need to be replaced.
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