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Thread: Is this Poop?

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    Is this Poop?

    I get these 1/4" long dark things the diameter of pencil lead on my deck that blow in the water and make a dime size orange spot on the bottom of the pool. They seem to come from under the edge of a maple tree. I believe it to be some kind of insect dropping but I'm not sure. Some days I get dozens of them and they look terrible. The spots don't clean off but disappear on their own after a day. Any ideas what it is or how to get rid of it?

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    Re: Is this Poop?

    If they blow into the water they're most likely not insect droppings.

    Can you post a picture of them?
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    Re: Is this Poop?

    Sure, they will roll right along if the wind is up, it always is here. They seem to disolve, or, melt and leave a stain.


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    Re: Is this Poop?

    Got any mice/rats/varmints running around out there?
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    Re: Is this Poop?

    We never see any. These things are really small, like a grain of rice, that one looks bigger because of the shadow. I suppose they could be in the maple tree bombing us from above. I just had the feeling it may be from an insect.

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    Re: Is this Poop?

    I have toads (not frogs) that leave poop that looks something similar (but actually a little bigger) toads are active and come out at night and usually hide during the day

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    Re: Is this Poop?

    These seem to fall right out of the maple tree, I know there are locusts and wasps up there, but never see anything larger.

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    Re: Is this Poop?

    We have seen rats in our neighbors trees... found one in our overflow one morning. Gross! Varmints can climb and live in trees.
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    Re: Is this Poop?

    What are the odds of it being bat poop? A quick search on the Internet shows similar droppings associated with bats....

    Let us all know what you find.

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    Re: Is this Poop?

    We thought of that, that's very possible. They would just have to be tiny bats! They are literally the size of a grain of rice, but sure make a big spot on bottom of the pool. I think I'll take some to the extension office and see what they think.

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    Re: Is this Poop?

    They are larva shells from small caterpillars that live in the tree most likely. I get them too. My pool cleaner does a good job of picking them up though.

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