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Thread: Spa remote doesn't work

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    Spa remote doesn't work

    The flush-mounted 4 function round spa remote has developed a short, according to a reliable pool technician. It's currently disabled. (It was turning on the spa by itself.) He wants $900 to replace it with about $650 of that for labor to pull a new line. Does anyone have experience replacing that type of unit? I presume the wire is run through conduit to the pump (probably 25 yards away), and it's a matter of attaching strong string to pull the new line through? Can it really be that simple? If so, should I put powder or grease or something on the new wire to make it slide through the conduit better? Is this a 9 on the 10 pt toughness scale, or a 3? Do I need a winch to pull it through, or can I just yank with gloves? If the string breaks, will I ever be able to rewire it?
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    Re: Spa remote doesn't work

    There is a grease specifically for the purpose of lubing up wire to be pulled through conduit (although likely any grease would help). If you have a wire already in the conduit ... you should be able to use it to pull the new wire through.

    No telling how hard the pull will be. Depends how many turns you have. Make sure to attach the pull wire well to the new wire (likely want to tape the connection so id does not come apart).

    If it breaks, there are ways to get a new string through to pull with (like using a shop vac or something).
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    Re: Spa remote doesn't work

    You can use a product called "3M Wire Pulling Lubricant Gel". It's made for electrical wire and will not break it down or degrade it in the future. ... UTF8&psc=1

    I bought one to use on a spa light and cord that I was replacing. Made all the difference in the world.

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    Re: Spa remote doesn't work

    If you go to the Home Depot you can get both the lube and a special (pulling Grip) tool wire puller to attach to the old wire. ... gB2gJK1GSo

    Knots do not work well for pulling wires, but a spa remote most likely or should have its own separate conduit (grey pipe), so it should not get tangled among other wires.

    Normally to pull a new wire you suck a string through the pipe using a shop vac on the other end. Once the string goes through you then attach a larger nylon string then attach and pull the the new wire. ... it-or-Pipe

    This is a fairly easy DYI project -- but any electrical contractor can do this easily.

    It's a short 1 hr project.
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    Re: Spa remote doesn't work

    Wow $650 just for labor. I guess I under charge for this.

    Having two people to do this is a great plus. So get a second person to help you. I doubt you will need any of the grease mentioned. In fact there is probably a bunch of water in that pipe anyways.

    Get a strong string from one of the local hardware stores. Tie it securely to the end of the wire by the controller. Then gently pull the wire from the spa end. Once thru, just do the reverse to install the new one. Again, have two people doing this and it should go smoothly.
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