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Thread: 1 HP Pump motor shot. Can I replace w/ 2HP waterfall motor?

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    1 HP Pump motor shot. Can I replace w/ 2HP waterfall motor?

    Again, 1st summer newbie here.

    My pump motor is dying, judging from the awful grinding noise it's been making, at increasing loudness. I've had a terrible time finding a legit pool company in the midwest (not too many pools in my town), so I feel the need to take matters into my own hands.

    I have a waterfall that runs the same brand pump, but at 2HP rather than the current 1HP pump. I'd rather not spend the 800 dollars it may cost to replace the motor. I don't use the waterfall, to be honest, so I would be more than okay just swiping the pump it uses to run my filtration.

    So, for a 20,000 gallon pool, is 2HP too much power? Too expensive to run? Will it ultimately damage piping or the filter?

    I've attached photos of the labels for each pump, the 2HP waterfall pump being the first photo. The pumps are Dura Glas II, of that helps.
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    Re: 1 HP Pump motor shot. Can I replace w/ 2HP waterfall mot

    It will cost more to run, and the circulation may look more like the lazy river in a water park, but other than that it should be ok to use. Save up for a nice 2 speed 1hp pump and watch for sales in the off season. Regardless a replacement motor/pump should not cost $800 unless you are looking to replace it with a variable speed pump. Google search for prices for a 1hp pump if you want to replace with the same type. There are a lot of options out there, many less than $300.
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    Re: 1 HP Pump motor shot. Can I replace w/ 2HP waterfall mot

    Actually, it shouldn't really cost that much more to run and sometimes it can cost less. The power draw of a motor is primarily determined by the impeller. Also, the loss in efficiency due to under-loading the larger motor is somewhat offset by the higher efficiency of the lager motor's winding (i.e. larger diameter wire) so there may not be much of a difference. Plus the 1 HP is full rated and the 2 HP is up rated so the difference is even less.
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    Re: 1 HP Pump motor shot. Can I replace w/ 2HP waterfall mot

    This could be just worn bearings.

    Bearings are very cheap spare parts, and not hard to replace. No need for a specialist pool shop to do that at all.

    On the other hand, as both motors are of the same age, being exposed to the elements for the same amount of time, it might not be too far fetched to say that the other motorīs bearings may not be in all that great condition either.
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