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Thread: How often to backwash Intex 2650?

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    How often to backwash Intex 2650?

    Just got this pump, LOVING it, but I'm curious how often I should plan on back washing the filter?

    I'm installing an inwall skimmer tomorrow if that helps with your answer at all.

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    Re: How often to backwash Intex 2650?

    Instruction manual says when it reaches a certain pressure. Doesn't always work like that. Most of the experts here recommend when it reaches 20% over your clean pressure.
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    Re: How often to backwash Intex 2650?

    +1 What Charlie said, so you may see a lot of flow loss before then...and then you will know.
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    Re: How often to backwash Intex 2650?

    I have it's smaller brother the 1600. I find that I really need to backwash as soon as the pressure gauge shows the slightest increase. Just a couple needle widths of change, and you can really feel the reduced flow in the return. That said, I run the pump for 8 hours per day and need to backwash about every two weeks.

    Your results will likely vary as we all have different load levels of extractable material in our pools. But this may give you a general idea.

    The 2650 is a really capable filter system, and a great value too. Congrats !
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    Re: How often to backwash Intex 2650?

    i think it depends on how dirty your pool is. my gauge on mine never really moves, i could probably backwash only once a month. i usually do it every two weeks irregardless of pressure reading. or if we get alot of rain, i backwash to let some water out and clean filter at same time.

    i never have to empty my prefilter either. my dynaskimmer catches everything.
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