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Thread: Genesis 3 University

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    Genesis 3 University

    My wife and I have finished our house plans and are about to start our pool plans. We live in Tulsa Oklahoma. I have been creeping on this website for quite some time to learn more about pools, and what I found out so far that the people who regularly post on this forum should stop what they are doing and work in the pool industry. I have gained so much more knowledge about pools and pool care here then talking to some pool builders. I talked to several at a home and garden show who were convinced that salt water pools are chemical free, chlorine is responsible for turning hair green ecad.

    So thank you for all of your post.

    I am looking at pool builders here and there was an excellent write up and build with JP construction, who my builder also recommended. There is another person I am going to look at that is Genesis 3 University certified (he is actually completing his courses now). From what I read it is a 160 hour course that covers pool building ecad. I say thir curriculum and it looks very impressive. I was wondering if anyone had any more information on this.

    Also, since the pool will be included in the construction loan of the house, I would assume that since we just finished the house plans we need to talk to several pool builders an get a quote. Do they usually do this for free and how detailed do we need to be to get the intel quote.

    We are thinking about geothermal and some other oddness with the pool so I will have plenty of questions., but I think we need to get started on the above. Any direction would help.

    And thank you in advance for all of yalls information.
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    Re: Genesis 3 University

    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your kind words about it. If I could figure out a way to make a living with something "pool" I would do it. What a refreshing change that could be. I can't help on the geothermal, but I know there are some top designers that use the software you mention. It seems like the most innovative and top tier ones are the most prominent users. Here in Texas, there is one in Austin that's a big proponent of it, and he builds some very unusual and beautiful pools. Take a look at the pool gallery and you will see what I mean. The Swimming Man:

    That said, if my budget allowed, I would employ such a builder, but I'm not sure there is one close to me if I could. Finding one to do even some basic contemporary design stuff like below water line rock is proving hard to find. In short, I completely understand the desire to get someone like that. You might also look at builders who are APSP certified builders, as many of these seem a cut above normal. That is not an easy certification to get, but maybe more importantly, they seem to be more likely to stay in tune with the latest designs and innovations in pool construction. Most builders don't charge for estimate/consultation, but I think there is a small and growing trend for the more "elite" builders to do just that. We are considering one of those, but It is hard to swallow when you are spending many, many, tens of thousands of dollars with someone. I doubt we will, as they want a $100.00 initial consultation, and 200-800 for the design work. If you like it, and choose them to build it, the cost is applied to your build. Gee thanks..... This builder just moved into our town, but I have no idea what they use for design as they wouldn't tell me.

    The most shocking thing I've run into is builder's lack of knowledge, most especially about chemistry. Last week I told one that DE could be added to a sand filter, and he had never heard of doing it. Thirty years in the business he stated. Most pool buyers are very uneducated on anything pool and this is how most seem to Taylor their selling strategies. At least in my small amount of experience anyway, and that too has been an eye opener. I wish I had actually kept my knowledge under wraps with one builder to be honest, but he was the first we talked too. I really think I should have let him put all his recommendations on paper, with prices, and then explained later why I didn't want them. Reason is, I can't help but wonder if he didn't work in at least some of the profit he would have made on all the whiz-bangs he would have sold me otherwise. Talking to builders has been an adventure in itself, and we are running out of options on ones we like. The number is limited around here and none seem very innovative in the least. Let us know what you come up with and how it goes, and again, welcome to TFP.
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