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Thread: Pump Sticker shock/Need advice!!

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    Pump Sticker shock/Need advice!!

    It's been a while since I've visited TFP. Forgot how much I like perusing the boards and soaking in all that you "experts" know!!!!
    My pool has been behaving lately, but now i'm having some equipment issues. I wandered into <Pinch-a-Penny> because the inside of my filter was broken ( the inside column thing that the cartridge goes over ~~ ). Anyway, the salesman told me how expensive that piece is and I'd be better off getting a whole new filter. (WHich, if that piece is truly that expensive, he's right!!!) I asked about a new pump (as I believe we are undersized for what we have.) He showed me the Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed pump. Oh my goodness!!!!! He told me that a normal pump is adding about $85 to a standard Florida electric bill, while this pump would add between $3 and $7!!! I was amazed at the almost SILENCE with which it ran.
    SOOOOOOO....before I go selling everything I own to be able to afford this pump, will you tell me what you know about it? Both it's efficiency and the money-saving part of it!!!!
    Thank you!!
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    Re: Pump Sticker shock/Need advice!!

    I imagine he is getting those numbers based on 24/7 pump run time, and I doubt the VS pump will save you quite that much even if you do run all day every day.

    It might be good to take a look at a 2-speed pump. It won't be as expensive as a variable one but you will still see an energy savings. I think most "computerized thingies" can work with 2-speed pumps, but that may be a whole other discussion that is out of my league.
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    Re: Pump Sticker shock/Need advice!!

    There is no way that those electrical costs were comparing apples to apples.

    A 2 speed moves half the water for a quarter the cost. So to move the same water as a comparable single speed, it would need to run twice as long, but would still save 50% the power cost. With the VS, the motor is a little more efficient and can run at an even lower speed using less electricity, but to move the same water, you would have to run it longer. Probably possible to save maybe ~70% of the electrical cost with the VS pump moving the same amount of water.

    The easiest way to save money is to rub the pump the shortest amount of time required to keep the water clean.

    There is no way you will save 95% of the power cost.
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    Re: Pump Sticker shock/Need advice!!

    If your electric rate is less than about 20 cents per kwh a variable speed is almost never going to pay for itself in power savings. A 2-speed is a better choice in that case.
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    Re: Pump Sticker shock/Need advice!!

    You may also consider just swapping the motor for a 2 speed and keeping the wet end of your existing pump.
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