Floating on top of our freezing cold water last night (my son got in but no way was I! We've had the weirdest weather this July - rain of all things and no 100s!) I started thinking about how we should winterize our pool. The Intex rectangle pool brings up issues that the round pools don't have. The sides lean out and thus you can't get a good wind seal with the provided cover.

We live in Kansas and though our winters can get cold and we have the occasional snow but it is the 30-50 MPH wind that destroyed our cover the first year we tried to use it. My husband's office overlooks the pool - he said is was funny/sad to watch the cover suck down and up until it eventually was ripped off and was deposited half in and half out.

Anyone else out there have high winter winds and the Intex rectangle pool - what are your plans to winterize?