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Thread: Trying to figure out new pool

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    Trying to figure out new pool

    This is my first year as a pool owner. I'm getting some help in another post with the SLAM process. I have a few other questions I was hoping I might get some advice on.

    I've noticed a difference in suction between my skimmers. The 2 skimmer lines meet at a 3-way valve and I can isolate each. When I isolate the far skimmer (from the pump) it pulls water in rapidly and has very strong suction. When I do the same for the near skimmer the suction is good, but water isn't pulled in at the same speed. I will say that I have vacuumed with the near skimmer isolated and that works fine. Maybe it isn't a big deal, but it just seems odd that the far skimmer has stronger suction. Any thoughts?

    I have a Clear Vision Natural Water Filter about the same size as my Hayward chlorinator. There is a cartridge in it now, but I'm assuming it is past it's lifespan. Can I just remove it and not bother replacing it? The cartridges cost about $90 and this extra filter doesn't even seem necessary.

    Also, I've noticed that when my pump restarts it puts out cloudy water from the returns. Any idea what is causing this and if it is something I should be concerned about? It clears up after a short time.


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    Re: Trying to figure out new pool

    The Far skimmer has stronger suction? I'd expect the near skimmer to have stronger suction - because friction loss is greater with longer tubing. Interesting

    My guess is that is DE coming out of your filter - maybe someone smarter than me can tell you if this means you have a broken screen. Does it do it all the time or only after you backwash?
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    Re: Trying to figure out new pool

    Does your near skimmer have a flying saucer looking thing in the bottom? If so, that's a flow balancer and would explain why it draws less when isolated.
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