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Thread: * Iron in Pool Water *

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    * Iron in Pool Water *

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    I have well water that is very high in iron. To give you an idea of how bad it is when I filled my pool it was at 3.6%. Those of you with high counts know how difficult my job was and I can proudly say I am at 0% today. I wanted to share what I have learned along the way and what end the end worked for me.

    My pool is 15x 30, 15,000 gallons. I have had both a sand filter and a cartridge filter, sand does a better job at removing metals. Most metal removing products will only lower you by .5-1% per jug so if your count is over .5% might as well toss in 2 jugs and let filter run non stop.

    If you have a sand filter do not backwash, I know you will read over and over to backwash often but the sand filter does work more effectively if you don't until the pressure is built up because the stuff it is collecting is helping filter the smaller partials out.

    A cartridge filter clogs so yes it will need to be rinsed daily, me I did 2x a day and what a pain that was, still say the sand filter was my best investment.

    Keep in mind with a high count there is no overnight fix so it may take a couple of applications of chemicals to get it all out.

    Real important, do not add chlorine even if you start growing algae resist the urge. The chlorine reduces the effectiveness of the metal removing products. Do raise your ph level to 7.4%, it will make your pool turn color but the metal chemicals work better at that level.

    Shocking the pool will not make the metal drop to the bottom, that is a myth. I ran my filter 24-7 till it was out but 1/2 the time I put my pool vacuum in so that it filters from the bottom as well.

    I purchased a pleated filter cartridge that is designed for a whole house filtration system and wedged it in the skimmer, so the water has to pass that before it reaches the sand filter. ... r/21609431

    It does seem to me more effective than the ones made for pools. Now the 2nd part of the problem, replacing water during this process without putting more metal back into the pool. I purchased a filter made for camping to put on the end of my hose.

    Walmart carries a filter that goes between the water source and a camper. Do not attach the hose end that comes with it as the spring will rust and leach more metal back into the pool. I wedge that between the pleated filter and the skimmer so all the new water is being filtered as it goes into the pool. ... e/14504321

    I put 2 inches of water in my pool today and got it tested, still at 0% iron and 0% copper.

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    Re: * Iron in Pool Water *

    Wellllllllll...........that filter is awful dadgum small, activated charcoal, and is only good for one camping season. How many gallons in an average camping season is a camper gonna use vs. refilling a pool constantly! They'd have to sell them by the dozen I think. Also don't think I want to take a chance on starving my pump by cramming a pleated filter into the skimmer.
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    Re: * Iron in Pool Water *

    So what is your well water iron in PPM that you filled it with? I'm not sure what you mean by "3.6%"... Which metal remover did you use, and what did you get it down to in the end, in PPM?
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