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Thread: Stubborn Algae - All sunk to the bottom

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    Stubborn Algae - All sunk to the bottom

    So i've been battling back and forth with this for weeks now.

    Current water chemistry
    FAC & TAC - .5ppm
    CYA - 30ppm
    Alk - 40
    pH - 7.4
    phosphates - 0

    Heres my quick timeline from buying the house until now. Throughout all of this my chemistry has been pretty good with the exception of chlorine. When i start having algae issues, chlorine drops. After i had the first issue, i had a problem with FAC not matching TAC. Shocked it with Leslies Fresh N Clear which solved that problem and the chlorine stabilized as the algae died off.

    Pool is a 16x36 inground vinyl (24,000gal) with hayward multiport sand filter, offline auto chlorinator. No main drain, 2 skimmers on one side of pool, 2 returns on other side with 2 smaller return jets in pool steps. Clean filter pressure around 12-14psi. Dirty somewhere around 18-20psi. Also have a Black and Yellow maytronics dolphin. Bag always washing machine washed after every use. He doesnt seem to climb the walls anymore, but i always brush walls before i drop him in.

    June 27th - Closed on new house, water reasonably blue, but cloudy
    June 28th - Shocked pool with 4bags CalHypo, set auto chlorinator to high. Couldnt get cap off, but previous owners told me they had just filled it. figured i'd deal with it when i got home
    June 29th - left for a week vacation down south
    July 7th - come back to a swamp of a pool. Finally got the cap off of the chlorinator only to find the bottom completely caked solid with chlorine about 3" deep. Removed chlorinator and replaced with brand new. Filled with tablets, set it to high.
    Between July 7th and July 14th - Shock pool daily with CalHypo, vaccum, backwash, etc until pool finally clears up to cloudy blue. TAC/FAC not matching for a few days, shocked with non chlorine shock and it freed everything up. Pool got clearer, daily chlorine levels stabilized
    July 15th to July 23rd - Pool blue, but always semi cloudy. Clears up better some days than others. Shock once every 3-4 days with Sodium Hypo (cheaper) bag shock. Auto Chlorinator still on high. Chlorine levels holding around 2-3
    July 22nd-23rd - Very windy days, pool filling with leaves and debris quicker than my skimmer and filter can get it out. Everything in pool overnight settles to bottom by morning
    July 24th - Pool starts to turn slightly greenish. Chlorine levels dropping to .5 to 1. Threw a floater in the pool set to 40,000 gallons with 3" tablets as well at this point to try to keep some FAC in the pool. shocked with 2 bags SodHypo
    July 25th - pool a little bluer, Shock with 4 bags sodium hypo
    July 26th - Pool light blue again but still cloudy. Crevices and walls consistently have brownish algae, that requires brushing but never really goes away
    July 26th to 28th - Walls and crevices still have brownish cloudy algae. Continuing to daily brush, vaccum with Dolphin, and shocking every 1 to 2 days.
    July 29th - Throw in 3bags of SodHypo shock, and half a bottle of "Sink n Sweep" floc.
    July 30th - Pool crystal clear, first time i can see straight down to the bottom, but entire bottom and crevices covered in brown residue. Throw dolphin in this morning to hopefully clean up everything on the bottom but come home at lunch to semi cloudyness and half of an uncleaned shallow end.

    So my thoughts are that i still have some residual algae eating up my chlorine, but the floc is sinking everything. So i should shock the heck out of it tonight with 4-5lbs of SodHypo, use the other half of the floc to settle everything overnight, and then vacuum everything on the bottom tomorrow morning to waste and not bother with the dolphin until i regain control of the pool. Shock it again on weds night and repeat until water is crystal

    Thoughts? pics attached. One pic is normal cloudyness, the other two pics are this mroning with everything sunk to the bottom.
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    Re: Stubborn Algae - All sunk to the bottom

    You must manually vacuum the debris out of your pool....don't rely on the robot to do it.

    You may have to do it more than once.

    Then, read "SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain" in the How To section of Pool School to clear your pool correctly.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Stubborn Algae - All sunk to the bottom

    I've actually been manually vaccuming regularly as well, however with the pool being so cloudy its tough to see the bottom to see what i'm missing!

    Would you recommend vacuuming all the sunken stuff to waste? Or will the filter be able to grab it with a standard vacuuming

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    Re: Stubborn Algae - All sunk to the bottom

    Instead of being behind the've got to attack that rascal by getting in FRONT of it. Those bags of so-called" shock" you've pitched in have not adequately raised your FC high enough (much less for long enough) to SLAM your pool. You ain't killin' it quick enough or long enough to totally eradicate it.
    You need to follow the SLAM process as outlined in Pool School, the chlorine/cya chart there and seriously consider ordering a good test kit we recommend.

    I'd vacuum to waste all you can.
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    Re: Stubborn Algae - All sunk to the bottom

    To clear this pool up, you really need to get one of the recommended test kits. There is a link in my signature. After that, you will need to SLAM the pool, which is a process, not a product. If your fill water is cheap and clean, vacuuming to waste is the best option.
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