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Thread: Bugs in my pool

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    Bugs in my pool

    First off I would like to say thank you for all the prior help from TFP, my water is amazingly clear my levels are good FC 4.5,CC 0, PH 7.4 ,TA 120 ,CYA 40.But I now have these little bugs that look like they have their own set of oars and that is how they propel themselves around the pool. Any suggestions on how I can get rid of them. And once again thanks to all those who have helped me from being pool stored.
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    Re: Bugs in my pool

    I believe you are talking about Backswimmers.....they are very fast and will dive underwater.....I get a few here and there......mostly there is not much you can do about them. Just make sure your FC is on target and some say adding borates helps keeps bugs away.
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    Re: Bugs in my pool

    I hate those bugs. None this year, but last year was horrible. I just had to run around trying to get them out with my net and then dumped them into the fire pit. Especially hard to see with my pool finish.
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    Re: Bugs in my pool

    Elevate your chlorine by about 50% for a day or so. That does it 100% in my pool.
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    Re: Bugs in my pool

    I saw 1 in my pool. At least that's all I saw this afternoon. Hubby says, he should be fine in there, he won't hurt anything... I said, UNTIL HE BITES YOU!
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    Re: Bugs in my pool

    Could be water boatmen also, much preferred over backswimmers because they don't bite. I seemed to have 1-6 water boatmen randomly everyday in the past 2 months. Somedays 0. Surprised the heck out of me when we got them. Didn't realize that water bugs could be an issue (1st time pool owner here!). We also have ponds about 100 yards behind us which is probably a major factor.

    Anyway, I guess the key is to remove the food source (algae primarily) and they hopefully will fly to some other source more suitable to their needs. So be sure you've done all you can for that.

    2 weeks ago I went to borates at 50ppm hoping that it would help. At first it didn't seem to, but yesterday, out of the 6 I fished out, 4 were pretty much comatose hanging on the walls. Also, today, while swimming around checking things out I found a couple of dead ones on the bottom. I was very happy to see that!

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