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Thread: Intex SF15110 motor problrm

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    Intex SF15110 motor problrm

    1.) Is there an easy way to troubleshoot why the motor suddenly stopped working? 2.) Where can I buy a new Intex SF15110? The Intex website says they are out of stock.

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    Re: Intex SF15110 motor problrm

    More than likely the bearing are shot. It cost me 5$ on ebay for a new set and a small bit of time changing the bearings. Its not hard but its not for people that have no mechanical skill. I have been working on getting up a tutorial on changing the bearings in the Intex pumps. I have the pics but not the time. Hopefully soon I can get it written up. My kids are hogs and eat up all my time lol but I love the little buggers.

    edit: Was it running louder than usual before it died? When my bearings went it got louder and louder for a few days then just cut out completely and wouldn't do nothing. After replacing the bearings it runs quieter and seems to have way better flow rate.
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    Re: Intex SF15110 motor problrm

    I did not notice it running louder. This is the first season for the motor. It had shut itself off a couple of times. It is in the sun and I thought it may be getting too hot. Could this cause it to go out?

    Also, does anyone know where I can buy one online?

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    Re: Intex SF15110 motor problrm

    Amazon may have them in stock, check there.

    Your local Walmart may even have it.
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    Re: Intex SF15110 motor problrm

    If it's first season it should still be under warranty.
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    Re: Intex SF15110 motor problrm

    Mine got same symptom. It got louder for awhile now stop working. Opened it to check if it was capacitor or bearing. Now when I turn it on, it hums but the impeller wouldn't turn.

    How does the bearing look like and where to order it?
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