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Thread: Take down or leave up?

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    Take down or leave up?

    I know I'm a few months early with this question but I'm wanting to do some landscaping around my pool and the type of landscaping is going to be determine by whether I take the pool down for the fall/winter or leave it up.

    Everyone can see below what type of pool I have. I live right outside of Charlotte, NC.

    Is taking down an Intex Ultra Frame Pool a necessity or option?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    4600 gallons, Intex Ultra Metal Frame 14' round 4' depth, SWG, cartridge filter pump, 2500 gph, Pool finish date: 7/16/13.

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    Re: Take down or leave up?

    Many people here on the forums are leaving their Intex up over winter. Even those in very cold areas. In Pool School you will find a checklist for closing an AGP.

    I plan on leaving mine up this winter.
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    Re: Take down or leave up?

    I've read that some people leave them up all year. I guess it depends on where they live.

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    Re: Take down or leave up?

    Do you all cover your ultimate frAme? The winter wind tore the cover from intex up the first winter. Just wondering what others do

    15,000 salty gallons - 24' x 12' x 52" Intex Ultra Frame Pool
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    Re: Take down or leave up?

    People leave them up all winter around these parts in NW brrrr Ohio.
    Rob B
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    Re: Take down or leave up?

    Just make sure you have a good cover that will last. You might also look at ways of making a "tent" out of it. Some way to make a high peak in the middle so rain will run off and not fill it up.
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    Re: Take down or leave up?

    I'm taking mine down. There's some things I'm not happy about, and I'll fix them in the spring.
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    Re: Take down or leave up?

    I would like to leave mine up. But a couple things are still nagging at me about this.

    I need re-level some areas, reset some legs.

    Intex recommends that anywhere that will experience below freezing temps to NOT leave their PVC pool up

    A cold brittle liner just might be susceptible to cracking. Not worth the chance to me.

    So I'm thinking, for me, that it has to come down this fall.
    Intex 18'x48" Ultra Frame
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    One thru-wall skimmer.
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    Re: Take down or leave up?

    Leaving mine up, but don't know why. It seems that my liner was seriously defective. It started when I saw a black buildup on the floor and scrubbed it. Well that must been some patch or something, since I saw the next day a hole so big I could have put my fist through. Then after that I kept getting little pin holes. I used mason sand, a tarp, and gorilla padding to protect the liner. So I probably will have to buy another liner next year anyways.

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    Re: Take down or leave up?

    I have an 18x52 pro series, Intex SWG and Intex .5 hp sand pump/filter. and I'm leaving mine up. I closed today (a bit early but I don't think I will have the time before it's too late).

    Last year we took ours down and it was a complete muddy mess and not to mention it wasn't stored properly and somehow we ended up with a damaged pool (RIP Pollio I).

    Here is what we did:
    Used Sink and Sweep to get all the floating debris
    Cleaned the top rails and inside just above the water line to ensure it was all clean
    Disconnected the SWG and the Pump, cleaned both very well and lubed all the O rings (I left the actual sand filter outside to be covered after back washing and draining)
    Drained the pool to below the skimmer.
    We put in an air pillow and covered with a winter cover.

    I did NOT add any special winter chemicals. I'm new at this but I get mixed responses from people as to if I should have or not. I live in GA so I might see some ice, but there is no plumbing to worry about.

    What do you guys think?
    [center:206csv7f]Pro Series 18" X 52" AKA "Poolio"
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    Intex SWG

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