I have some wish list items for how the Board works.

Mark Topics Read
Currently when I'm in a Forum and select the Mark Topics Read button I'm taken to a screen where it tells me the forums are marked read and then returns me to the forum that I've already just read. I'd like to see this work a little differently ( as it does in some of the other forums I read).

1) Just stay on the screen and turn the little arrow thingies off, i.e refresh. Then I only have to click once to return to the Index. Even better, since I'm done reading that Forum, just return me to the Index and mark the Forum read.

Right now I have to click Back 3 times to get back to the Index (feel like Dorothy), or go up and select the index at the top.

2) On the Index screen a double-click on the arrow beside each forum should mark it read (however on Android there's no double-click so I have to use the Mark Topics Read button).

I also like this suggestion from a year ago about View Unread Posts.

I'd like to be able to subscribe to the Forums I'm interested in and use my UCP for my index, which works but also causes me to get an email each time there's a post to that forum. I'd like an option to not be notified. I realize this is sort of counter-intuitive, but a lot of forums work this way. A better way is to be able to filter the Index to only show forums of interest.

I'd also like to be able to filter the View Unread Posts action so that I only see new posts to forums that I'm subscribed to or interested in.

Not complaining. I think you guys are doing a lleh of a job. Your technical knowledge on all things pool related is awesome.

I'm spending more and more time on this Board and I just don't like all that "clicking"...