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Thread: SWG not keeping FC high enough

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    SWG not keeping FC high enough

    Hi there!

    Our current test results are:

    FC 2.5
    pH 7.2
    TA 80
    CH 50
    CYA 70

    How long should I let the swg run to keep our FC at 4-5? We are running it for 7 hours a day right now and it's just not keeping up. I was hoping 7 would be enough because the next setting on our sand pump jumps from 8 hours run time to 12 and I really didn't want it to have to run that long every day. The manual says 6 hours should be enough, but obviously it's not. Please help.

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    Re: SWG not keeping FC high enough

    All I can tell you is that I was told 1hr run time for every 10 degrees of ambient temperature. I have a consistent 4 to 5 with cya at 70. Here in beautiful downtown Phoenix, it is about 103-108 so I run mine for 11hrs when it is that hot. Check your manual on the SWG, it might tell you the GPM it requires, which is a factor also. Have the blades in the SWG been cleaned lately?
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    Re: SWG not keeping FC high enough

    What is GPM? I'll check the manual again when I get home. The SWG is brand new, we've only had it 3 weeks.

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    Re: SWG not keeping FC high enough

    That's a big pool for that swg so there's a good chance that you're going to have to run it longer. I'd bump the pump up to 12 hours and the swg up to 10 hours and see how that works.
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    Re: SWG not keeping FC high enough

    Don't forget, when you have a new SWG, you should supplement the FC with bleach until you get the SWG dialed in.

    So, if the SWG only makes enough CL for 6FC and your target is 8FC, add 2 FC worth of bleach. You may need to do this every day for a while and on hot or heavy-use days.
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