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Thread: New Pool Owner (What A MESS)

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    New Pool Owner (What A MESS)

    Hello to everyone. Thought I would tell you my story to give someone a good laugh. Started bye driving to the bank a couple weeks back seen a sign for used pool for sale. Stopped sounded like a good deal for a 100.00 dollars. Brought it home and found wrapped up in the bundles was actually 2 separate Intex pools. A 16'x48" frame and a 12'x36" easy set. So far so good. Try'd to find a level site and put up the frame pool. Had everything set up and it looked a bit off but would look into it the next day. I got called out of town for work and thought nothing of it but when I returned my wife and son thought they would be help full and fill it up. Wow was it off. But I figured get some use of it while it was full. The leaks started showing up then. Boy was that fun. Then the rain came. A lot in central Ohio last week. Pool was spilling over so I took a pump to get out the high water. Doing well I stopped the pump for the night. REMOVE PUMP WHEN DONE I did not. Siphoned half the pool to the ground. At this point I figure why not empty it out and re set it up right. I did not want to waste any more water since it is city water and cost to fill. Why not use the Easy Set, fill it up till I re level the frame pool. Get the Easy Set out start to fill it up leaks every where. Patch time. I finally get it to hold and fill it and have about 3 inches high left in the frame pool. So the process starts again tomorrow. Here is a few pictures of the mess.
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    Re: New Pool Owner (What A MESS)


    At least you know it has to be fixed.
    Dan D
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    Re: New Pool Owner (What A MESS)

    OK I'll jump in, so to speak. I'm a fairly new pool owner myself, and this website, TFP (, has been an invaluable help to me.

    Even before you level the pool, the first thing you should do is order a test kit. Look here -->
    I own the TF-100 and highly recommend it. If budget allows, get the SpeedStir at the same time. If you order your test kit today, you should have it by early next week, just in time to test the water in your newly leveled and filled pool. I can't overstate the importance of a good test kit. It may seem expensive at first, but you will save money by avoiding expensive trips to the pool store to buy chemicals you don't need. Most of what you need can be bought cheaply in the laundry aisle at your supermarket - bleach, borax, and baking soda.

    Next, read Pool School -->
    Read it again.
    Read it one more time. Save the link so you can refer to it again in the future.

    You need to level the ground so it is within an inch. Dig down the high spot level with the lowest spot. Don't fill in.

    You didn't mention a pump or filter. Do you have a pump and filter for each pool?

    Let us know how you're doing. There are a lot of really knowledgeable people here willing to help.
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    Re: New Pool Owner (What A MESS)

    Wow.. what a ride! Good thing there were two pools in that package so you could save some of that water for the fix!
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    Test kits compared
    Purchase test kits

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    Re: New Pool Owner (What A MESS)

    Back in the pool. Things went well and decided to make my own solar heater. 400 ft of black hose laid on the south facing roof of my garage.Used a 1 hp transfer pump and it worked heated from 72 to 78 in 4 days. Do not have much pool time left here in Ohio but I am waiting for next summer. I will probably upgrade the filter to sand and maybe go to a salt system but I have all winter to think of that. Thanks for all the help TFP. Used many threads to reset my pool and build my solar heater. Thanks Everyone.
    Intex 22' x 52" Ultra Frame (round). Above Ground. Intex 2,500 GPH Pump with Cartridge (B) Filter. (hoping to upgrade to sand filter as soon as possible!)

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