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Thread: Intex 2650 sand filter leaks when off

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    Intex 2650 sand filter leaks when off

    I have been running my filter/pump 24/7 because it's working and the water looks great. If it ain't broke, don't fix I haven't.

    But yesterday, the water was a bit chilly since the sun hasn't been the strongest lately so I decided to only run it at night. This morning, I turned it off and noticed a leak from under the clamp on the sand container part and a leak from the skimmer basket part. Both were drips, about 2 drops per second. Since it was not leaking when it was running, I turned it back on. Viola, it stopped leaking.

    I suspect I may need to tighten the clamp a little and maybe reposition the o-ring on the skimmer basket, but why does it only leak when off? I don't remember it leaking before now, not that I have turned it off much though, so what happened? The heat has been intense so could expanding/contracting of the container, etc. have caused some loosening of the clamp or something like that?

    I have had trouble with losing prime while vacuuming, could this be part of the same issue?

    Any insight is appreciated.
    Intex Ultra Frame pool, 16' X 48", Intex SWG, Intex 2650 Sand Filter/Pump

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    Re: Intex 2650 sand filter leaks when off

    The leak you are seeing at the multiport to sand vessel clamp is a pressure side leak and should probably leak even more when the pump is running. The leak on the skimmer basket part (I assume you mean the leaf basket attached to the pump?) is on the suction side, so that would only leak water out when the pump is off. That one definitely could be the cause of air being pulled into the system when the pump is on. Use a silicone or teflon lubricant on the o-ring on the cover to see if that stops it.

    On the filter clamp, I would try tightening it up a little more.
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    Re: Intex 2650 sand filter leaks when off

    That's what I was thinking. It doesn't leak more when its running tho which confuses me but whatever. I will deal with it this weekend.
    Intex Ultra Frame pool, 16' X 48", Intex SWG, Intex 2650 Sand Filter/Pump

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