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Thread: Layer of Alagae

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    Layer of Alagae

    So I came back from vacation 2 weeks ago and there was a layer of algae at the bottom of my inground pool. The water is clear, but when I brush it you can clearly see a small cloud of orangish algae mix with the water. It leaves a perfectly clear blue spot surroned by a slightly dull blueish tan spot. From a distance the water actually looks ok, but once you brush you can see the issu. I've shocked the pool, but every day the same thing happens. The entire bottom gets covered. The water can get cloudy while I try to vaccum it up as slow as possible, but usually clears up in a day leaving just the layer covering the bottom. I'm going to vacuum to waste tonight, but my question is does this sound like Algae. Not sure what else it could be, but in the past I usually just notice it in spots and not covering the entire bottom of the pool. I got off to a horrific start this year with a completely green pool, but thought I had it beat. Besides sticking to the SLAM guidlines and vacuuming is there anything else I should be doing. I replaced the sand in my filter this year, but it doesn't look like sand at the bottom. My pump is extra loud lately, but it's old and I need a new one. I don't think that would cause this issue, but I'm not an expert. Any ideas? I will post a picture tonight if you think that will help.
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    Re: Layer of Alagae

    Keep SLAMing until your water is clear, the green is gone, your CC is 0.5 or less, and your water loses no more than 1 ppm of FC overnight. Brush lots to keep the algae suspended in the water and run your filter 24/7 until the process is complete.

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    Re: Layer of Alagae

    Whether it's algae or organic matter. The only way to get rid of it is to keep the FC level up to your shock level... See SLAM in Pool School, until you've met all the criteria to pass the tests.

    Brushing helps to keep it from sitting on the bottom where your filter can't pick it up, and if it is algae, it helps keep it from providing a protective barrier for itself.

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