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Thread: Just started BBB...Need some questions answered!

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    Just started BBB...Need some questions answered!

    We recently (5 days ago) refilled our small(12x30) intex metal frame pool. Had to start over from scratch once I learned about the BBB method and my water was outta control and I didn't know how to fix it nor did I want to spend a lot of money trying to do so. So I started the refill with the four day start up described under the section for seasonal pool in pool school. I am now on day 5 and I'm still waiting for my test kit to arrive in the mail. Not really sure where I stand with FC as the test kit I currently have (HTH 6-way drop test kit) only tests for total chlorine. I am able to keep ph balanced using Borax as needed. Since I don't know where I stand with chlorine I'm not sure what to do at this point. I feel the need to add bleach but don't know how much. The water is clear at this point and not showing any signs of issues so far. I don't want the first four days to go down the drain and end up having to SLAM the pool. The test kit should arrive in the next few days. Can anyone with a similar size Intex pool give a recommendation on how often you're adding bleach and about how much? I could shoot under that guideline since I'm not sure where I stand chlorine wise, just to maintain until the kit gets here.

    I have ordered the FAS/DPD Chlorine and CC test kit from TFTest Kits to supplement the HTH 6-way test kit I had already purchased/used. Do you think this is sufficient just for the rest of this summer? I will start fresh again next year and probably order the full kit. Just wanted to utilize what I already had.

    Since I just filled the pool, should I assume that the CYA is where it needs to be since I was adding the proper doses of dichlor each night for four nights or should I test it to check? If so how long after the last dose of dichlor should I wait to test?

    My most recent test results with out FC and CYA where as follows using HTH test kit:

    TC: turns orange when five OTO drops were added-of the charts of this comparator
    Ph: 7.6
    TA: 110ppm
    TH: 20ppm (not really even sure if I need to be worried about this in such a small seasonal pool?)
    CYA: Didn't test because I just finished adding the last dose of dichlor yesterday which should give a CYA of 32. And I only have enough for two of these in this kit. Didn't want to waste it.

    I did read that the TC should equal the FC as long as you don't have any CC. So this is a little confusing since that would mean I am above 10ppm at this point assuming that I have no CC. Is that a normal reading to get right after completing the 4 day start up? If so then my FC may be fine until the test kit gets here with out me having to add any bleach to the mix. Sorry for all the rambling. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Re: Just started BBB...Need some questions answered!

    The top end of the comparator should be yellow and if that is the case, your FC is much higher than you need. Do not add any more chlorine and let it drop back to the yellow range before adding more. Hopefully by then your FAS/DPD test will have arrived and you can accurately measure the FC.

    Wait another week before you measure the CYA and then you can adjust as necessary.
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