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Thread: 22ft. pro-series(Intext type) NOT level, draining, fixing

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    22ft. pro-series(Intext type) NOT level, draining, fixing

    We used a laser level, within 1.5 inches all way around. had to wait 2 weeks and drain and fill a small area after the Georgia monsoons... ground is hard,hard clay and rocks (we live on side of a Ridge). As the water filled we noticed it was off some , but thought we were within limits...then added pt 2x4 on 3 posts trying to salvage our work...ah... we were so sincere in our working in the 94's and us grandparents Hubby went oot, and I watched it fill and realised as it was almost at top that a leg moved off the block, and it was high on two sides and low on two, like a bow.... so we have been draining it for 2 days Plus skimmer was in high spot. Looks to 4" too high on opposites sides .
    We are planning to get level out and respot it. Then dig out the 4 high poles on opp. sides (2 high, then the next two are lower), and perhaps put pavers under the low ones....? We may rotate the pool so skimmer is on one of the low sides. (the low sides are opposites and the high sides are opposites...)We don't want to completely try to move it off of armour pad /tarp as we fear it will damage the bottom.And there are only 2 of us .(we have put up regular above ground pools when we were younger 24ft.).
    I will be on my knees with a handpick as yes, the ground is that hard...
    open to suggestions...have read where others had some uneveness... it is similiar to a Intex ultra frame
    AG proseries 22ft. round. 52". 11400 gal.Intex SWG.2000 gh/2650 gph,sand filter intex/ Hayward Aquabug vac. well.Ga. t-50 test kit.

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    Re: 22ft. pro-series we Thought was level, draining, fixing

    I just wanted to pop on and say we are in the same boat. WE are still waiting for the pool to drain. should be mostly empty by tomorrow morning.

    we were off by about two inches and everything I read kept saying 1 inch is the max. I would have been fine with 1 1/4 but the way the legs were sitting was putting me on edge.

    yeah, hubby is mad at me but hopefully we will do it right and be able to enjoy for the rest of the summer.

    lots of helpful people here!! I will be watching this thread to see if I can pick up more tips.

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    Re: 22ft. pro-series we Thought was level, draining, fixing

    update. Well, we drained to 6" or so . (keeping some in pool for stability if a storm pops up. We got out laser level and put it on top of every pole and marked poles with pen. we were off up to 5.5 inches on some poles! There are 2 options , take down and move pool, and level the two sides by hand . Or dig in poles. Taking it apart , would take , longer , risk damaging liner bottom.(the ground here is like baked concrete with rocks. You Can Not dig this ground when dry.) We also used the 3 extra pins that came with it and still have a damaged one in, and don't think we could get it apart without probably damageing them.
    We are opting , instead to : drain,and remove every other pole ( hubby lifts up top and I pull pole out_ dig down the required amount per pole, adding space in front for the leg to move . Then we go back put in poles and do the others ) I found as the pool filled the poles moved outward about 2-3 inches. Then I make some slack for the armour pad and tarp and push them into hole too.
    It did take 24+ hours to empty. I only had a hose in it to drain and it was crimped . So we put another hose in and ducttaped a rock to the vacunm hose for weight and it really helped . When it got down enough I got in and opened the draina and put another hose in. Since we have it on a hill and live in rural area, not a big deal, although one neighbor walking asked if we had a busted water pipe.
    Concerns: What will liner on dug in poles do? We think it may be "more bulgeie" or wrinkle..... won't know till it fills, unless someone here gives me a heads up......
    Unfortunately the skimmer was in a "high area" and when it was almost to top, it was obvious to me (mind you it was 1am dark) that we would have to fill almost to seam to use skimmer and it was 4' off eyeballing it and one of the legs moved off the pt 2x4.
    Oh, and we are forgoing the pavers. Deciding instead of putting some on pavers and digging halfway some poles; it seemed safer to dig t he poles in and not use pavers after reading some could crack or dig into liner.Plus , the ground is so hard, digging for pavers with a pick on my bottom could tak a week!
    Well , I have about 4 more poles to dig in, (using a hand pick on our "concrete"), then may start to fill. We have a well , so it's free, and water we poured out , goes right back into groundwater ..... most everyone here have wells.
    (PS, this is harder than the 2 24 foot normal above ground pools , that you level, dump sand make coves and put it down.Putting pool together pretty easy, except last pole, I had to lay on ground ,shove my feet on other t and push to get last one in.
    AG proseries 22ft. round. 52". 11400 gal.Intex SWG.2000 gh/2650 gph,sand filter intex/ Hayward Aquabug vac. well.Ga. t-50 test kit.

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    Re: 22ft. pro-series(Intext type) NOT level, draining, fixin

    I am feeling your pain. I have gone back and read your post at least 5 times and I just cant get it in my head what you are trying to dig down. Are you just digging under each of the uprights or are you trying to level just a portion of the high side. I want to help with some kind of suggestion but im just lost at this point.

    As far as the last connection on the fame....have someone lift up on one of the ends while you are lifting the other end at the same time...lift straight up until the bottom of the two rails touch and then gently lower both sides together. They will slide right into place
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    Re: 22ft. pro-series(Intext type) NOT level, draining, fixin

    Just finished and checked with laser level. All within 1". My husband lifted up at the Ts, I then disconnected the upright posts. We did several , every other one, then after digging hole for the upright post the required amount that level told us and we wrote on top of each post in marker. ie' low posts were 8-8 1/2 on laser level and the tall sides were 3 1/2-6 1/4. So we subtracted say 4" on a post from the 8.5 low ones, then I dug a 4 1/2 inch deep by 4-5" wide because the posts move outward a couple inches as it filled. Some I had to only dig 1 1/2 inches deep, and the deepest are 4 1/2 ". We then put the uprights back in and had to sort of shove them into holes as now that it was empty it was leaning in a bit. Then we did the every other,other ones, only had 3 we didn't have to dig.....
    The other option was to take pool mostly apart and move it and I was afraid of 1)damaging the liner ,2) heatattacks for us 58 & 60 yr. olds
    We shall see.......I did look at post and wonder if I am creating a water ring around the posts that could cause bottoms to rust...but gee how long can these pools last. I hope for 5 years....We spent 300$ on a skid steer to level it....and trying by hand anything on this soil is major Murder, and I am pretty fit for my age....
    AG proseries 22ft. round. 52". 11400 gal.Intex SWG.2000 gh/2650 gph,sand filter intex/ Hayward Aquabug vac. well.Ga. t-50 test kit.

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