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Thread: Chemicals all out of whack! Can I wait until next year?

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    Chemicals all out of whack! Can I wait until next year?

    This is our second summer with a pool, and I am finally starting to understand how it all works. I finally got a 6-way test kit (not the one recommended on here), and my chemicals are out of control! I have been fighting a slightly cloudy pool, with occasional scaly spots that sometimes turn into what looks like brown algae (but quickly clears up with a shock of 8 gallons of chlorine). And it won't hold chlorine; but for the most part the pool is clean and clear. My question is, can I just keep up what I'm doing (spending a lot on chlorine), and start fresh next year with a drain and refill? We live in MI, so our swimming season only has about a month and a half left. Here is the good, bad and ugly:

    23,000 gallon inground vinyl liner pool, with a 1.5 hp sand filter that we run 24 hrs. a day.
    As of tonight:
    FC: 0 (I added a gallon of sanitizer last night, and it read 2-4 ppm this morning prior to rain and 5 kids swimming)
    pH: 7.8
    Total Alkalinity: 200 ppm
    Hardness: 500 ppm
    CYA: too high to measure with kit that goes up to 100

    I feel like there is nothing I can do to save it at this point, but wait and start fresh. Is that my best course of action? Also, can someone please direct me to a thread to help me better understand how to run/maintain my filter? Getting a better handle on that is my next bit of homework
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    Vinyl liner
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    Sand filter

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    Re: Chemicals all out of whack! Can I wait until next year?

    You will find everything you need to know about pools in POOL SCHOOL!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: Chemicals all out of whack! Can I wait until next year?

    I wouldn't wait, I'd go ahead and drain half the water out to get the CYA down. You never want to do a full drain of a vinyl pool you risk the liner floating and then wrinkles when it resettles. Then follow the process for how to properly shock your pool - it doesn't sound like you have done that yet.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: Chemicals all out of whack! Can I wait until next year?

    Quote Originally Posted by frustratedpoolmom
    properly shock your pool
    But we don't use that dirty word around here. Remember, it was renamed SLAM- Shock Level and Maintain. Link in my signature.
    7 year old ~13,500 gal 24' AGP with 1.5 hp Proline pump, 150 sqft Pleatco cartridge, filled with well water with pH of about 4.5.
    Wanda the Whale pool vacuum, home made heater, Taylor K-2006
    Cloudy Pool? 1) Order test kit. 2) Follow SLAM
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    Re: Chemicals all out of whack! Can I wait until next year?

    Cya is way too high for a slamming you would go broke buying that much bleach. Do partial drain and fills to get your cya down near 50 then slam it.

    24'x54'' AG
    Appox. 13800 gallons
    150lb Hayward sand filter
    1.5hp pump
    Well water

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