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Thread: Best and easiest way to get level?

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    Best and easiest way to get level?

    so we pretty much know where we need to dig dirt out to get level. Once we dig and move the dirt out what is the best and easiest method to make sure we are on target?

    A little background: we already had a 16x48 pool up and filled. That is when we noticed we were off level. we pretty much know the side we need to dig to make it level but I really want to make sure we get it right.

    Does a long 2x4 with a level on top sound like it would work? Basically I plan to go around with that to each of the points where a leg was. I checked resources and saw the bucket method but I didn't get it.

    thanks! you guys have been a great help!

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    Re: Best and easiest way to get level?

    You can use a long piece of clear plastic hose with water and food coloring in it as a level, or you can use a laser level.

    It's so hard to find a straight board, that I wouldn't recommend that method.

    The laser level is fast and easy, but more expensive.

    The water level is cheap, but a little more difficult to use.
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    Re: Best and easiest way to get level?

    I was looking at laser levels. may not be a bad idea. guess I need to google that and see how it works!!

    thank you!

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    Re: Best and easiest way to get level?

    I used a transit to level mine. I know you can rent them cheap or if you know someone you can barrow one from for a day. I barrowed one from our local high school building class.
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    Re: Best and easiest way to get level?

    I just found out you can get electronic water levels for cheap ~$20 at True Value. Much better than a board with a level. Water never lies.

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