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Thread: Aqua rite mother board

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    Aqua rite mother board

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    I have been wrestling with problems on my system for about a week and I saw some youtube videos that I think were posted in conjunction with your company. I had some indicator lights on and I performed the following:

    Turned all electric off
    Brought water to test at local store, tested fine with 3000 ppm
    Cell passed in store test twice
    Bought new PCB board and replaced and rewired into the box

    Now when the pump timer shuts off the salt system keeps generating. From what I understand this lowers the salt in the cell and causes the system to indicate "Check Salt" and "Inspect Cell." In that status the salt system does not come back on in the morning when the pump timer starts the pumps.

    Is this indication of a flow switch problem? The techs at Hayward said it could be improper installation on the load side of the electric or a flow switch. As I have never had a problem before I doubt it is a problem with the electric. Does it matter if the red and black wire from the power coming into the control box are switched in terminals 1 and 4? I have seen photos with the black on top (terminal 1) and red on bottom (terminal 4) and I have seen them reversed.
    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Aqua rite mother board

    Since you haven't had any problems up to now it wouldn't be electrical hookup. You can jump the flow switch to test it.
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    Re: Aqua rite mother board

    I was having an issue too at beginning of season. Lights kept saying inspect cell and the system would never run (power was on but system would not run.)
    Our control box is in a pool house so it does get hot. I opened the control box and with an infrared thermometer I checked the temperature since it felt warm to touch. The transformer and some parts on board were 140 degrees. I drilled some air vent holes in the top of the box and pushed out the electrical knockouts on the bottom of the box and went to Walmart and got a cheap 8" desk fan and attached it to the bottom of box at the knockout holes. Now temp is no more than 100 (ambient temp in pool house was in upper 90's) so that seemed to work. Check the temp in box and see if hot.

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