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Thread: aquatrol rj or intex swg?

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    aquatrol rj or intex swg?

    My intex swg is toast and I would like something that lasts longer than one season. AZ sun is brutal and the one I had never kept up. Is the aquatrol easy to hook up? Or should I just get another intex and hope for the best? Any intel on the 2009 models? Are there still any out there? My preferred place to buy is amazon over ebay. I don't want copper and would rather buy one without it than to go thru the removal process again. My pump id plugged into the house gfci not wired separately in case that matters. Hasn't been an issue since the intex items pull such low amps.

    Any advice is welcome.
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    Re: aquatrol rj or intex swg?

    I have had a better experience with my Intex SWG and would buy another one. I have to say, mine is the older model w/o the copper bars, so not entirely comparable I guess. But, I'm going on 3 years.

    I haven't heard anything about the aquatrol rj before your mention of it here. It is certainly a higher price point than the Intex, especially since I'm seeing the Intex on clearance in most of the stores in my area for $149. The reviews on the aquatrol look good on Amazon, but not sure many have had them long term by the comments made. Cells only last so long, and then need replaced (no matter the brand)... which looks possible with this model.
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    Re: aquatrol rj or intex swg?

    I've seen the aquatrol rj mentioned in several posts. Maybe I spelled it wrong. It appears to be a stronger swg, but is more expensive.

    I would rather have the intex without the copper if there are any still available (as opposed to the one with the copper). I could easily put another intex in since that's what I have had. If anything else would require more set up, I will probably just go with that. I removed the copper bars on the current one, but could just disconnect for now. It barely created enough chlorine though and didn't last long, which is why I was considering something else even if it costs more. I don't want to buy a new Intex every year.
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