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Thread: Getting started, having trouble keeping chlorine level up

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    Getting started, having trouble keeping chlorine level up

    Our pool has been open for 3 weeks, as we just installed it. It came with the complementary pool frog, set to 3. I started reading this site even before the install was finished, knowing the pool frog wouldn't last long. I ordered the K-2006, and upon its arrival, learned I had 0 chlorine reading in pool, TA of 30, pH of 7.0, 0 CYA. I started by trying to "supplement" the Pool Frog, since I wasn't sure how the frog really worked. My FC levels would drop off pretty quickly every day, never getting more than 2. I bought some stabilizer, added 3/4lb last week, still couldn't detect it. So, after much reading here and pool school, I adjusted the pH and added baking soda to raise the TA, and did SLAM, taking the FC to 10. I also added 1.75 lb stabilizer so that it would help with the chlorine loss. I have been reading <0.4 CC and my FC was 8.2 this am, now is only 1.9, still 0.2 CC, pH 7.4,CH 45, TA now 100. I'm still not sure my exact CYA level. It did finally get faintly cloudy at 30, but I can still see the dot. I've already used one whole CYA reagent bottle. I've read the problems with too much CYA, so I'm worried I'll add too much. I feel the pool frog hasn't done much at all, I've even wondered if they forgot to put in the bacpac. I've turned the frog off.

    1. So, is it too soon to expect my CYA to be going up since I just added more yesterday? (It's a granular, instructions said to add to skimmer, seems to have dissolved).
    2. Should I add more stabilizer? (I'm going to have to order a reagent refill this week to keep testing unless anyone has other thoughts and how often would you test right now?)
    3. Am I done with SLAM since I have no almost no CC? I know the OCLT hasn't been met, but if there's not much yuckies in the pool to kill off and I have little stabilizer,I'm afraid that all I'll do by keeping FC at shock level (10) is get my FC so high we won't be able to swim.
    4. There was more rain today and brief hot sunshine, did the sun use it up and the rain dilute it too quickly? I'm really shocked the FC dropped that much today.
    5. Does my other levels sound ok?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Getting started, having trouble keeping chlorine level u

    If the pool frog had bac pacs in it, it could have been adding trichlor, and that would have been adding some CYA. Granular CYA can take up to a week to show on the test. You'll need to wait a week since the last addition and re-test to know exactly where the CYA level is now.

    You are not done with SLAMming until OCLT has been met. Test in the evening, and then in the morning so that the sun is not a factor. When the sun is up, it will use up chlorine, so keep adding bleach to maintain your FC. 10 is not too high to swim in. The rain is not a significant factor in a pool of your size; the sun will use up chlorine. The chlorine will keep the baddies away, so focus on that right now.
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    Re: Getting started, having trouble keeping chlorine level u

    Also, if you backwash the filter prior to the CYA fully dissolving, which can take up to a week, you can lose some of it when you backwash.

    I have always measured CYA by weight and never overshot my target. I'm sure some companies error on a little weak, or a little strong, but it should be close.
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    Re: Getting started, having trouble keeping chlorine level u

    The best way to add CYA is by placing it in an old sock, tied in some fashion near, or in front of a return jet. Squeeze it throughout the day and you'll find it all dissolves by the end of the day. When it all seems gone, open the sock and check for remaining bits, then massage what's left until it goes bye bye. Once fully dissolved in this fashion, it goes to work almost immediately, helping to protect the CL from being destroyed by the sun. However, due to the way the chemical reaction in the cya test works, it doesn't show up when you perform the test for about a week.
    Just assume It's there and working at the number you dosed to.

    Be sure and test your CYA outside, with your back to the sun and your test tube at waist level.
    It doesn't count until the black dot is entirely obscured and no longer visible. Accuracy is about +/-15ppm CYA. So just round it to the nearest marking on the test tube if it doesn't disappear right at the line.
    Thanks for reading... - Tony
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    Re: Getting started, having trouble keeping chlorine level u

    Thanks for the help!
    I'm continuing with the SLAM, but I have a post-SLAM question: If my SLAM FC level is 10-12, and my OCLT has been met, so 10-11. The average FC levels are 3-7. So, a small drop in FC every day or every few days is what is expected? Just small chlorine tweaks to keep it in this range? Does it really stay this steady once the SLAM is done, or does it just keep swinging between freshly SLAMmed and dirty again? Looking forward to the "Maintain" part of the SLAM!
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    Re: Getting started, having trouble keeping chlorine level u

    Depending on your cya and the amount of sun and other factors your cl level will vary every day. Just add enough bleach to keep it n range till the next day. I usually shoot for a couple ppm over the max to keep it from getting too low.

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