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Thread: Hayward pump motor>>>> increasing noise

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    Hayward pump motor>>>> increasing noise

    Over the last several days, I've started to get a louder "grinding/oscillating" noise coming from my Hayward Northstar 1.5 HP pump. Also, I just noticed that some grease has come out of the back end of the motor and dropped on the concrete and re-solidified. I'm assuming that the grease came from the back bearing -- and with less grease, that usually means more heat and more wear, so I'm guessing that this thing will seize up in the not-too-distant future. Rather then have to scramble to get the replacement parts when it goes out, I thought that I would actually be proactive and get them before I actually need them. Prior to buying anything, I thought that I'd ask the experts for some advice.

    1. Do I need to replace the whole motor, or can I just replace the motor bearings? (I'm comfortable around bearing pullers and presses) How hard will it be to identify the required bearing part number(s)?

    2. While I have everything apart, what else should I replace? I know that there is a "tune up kit" available with some seals and O-rings, typically does that suffice and is it recommended to replace all of those included parts?

    I've got absolutely no documentation on the pump or motor, but have found some stuff on-line regarding the disassembly process, it doesn't appear too complicated, but any procedural "words of wisdom" will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Re: Hayward pump motor>>>> increasing noise

    I'm going through the same thing. My system is about 15 years old. While you can replace the motor bearings, after doing much reading here I can share with you some things you may want to consider.

    1) If it's a single speed motor you can get some efficiency and cost savings on your electric bill by going to a 2 speed motor. For my 3/4 hp a single speed replacement motor is about $150 and a 2 speed around $240. I decided to replace it because although it seems pretty easy to replace bearings, the housing is really rusted and it has been running hot for quite some time. I'm staying with single speed.

    2) You will want to look at the pump parts while you have it apart and at least replace the seals, o-rings, etc. Pump parts (diffuser, impeller, seal plate, etc) are pretty cheap but unless cracked or brittle should be ok.

    3) The housing should be looked at but most likely is ok or you would have seen problems with leaking.

    I got the motor, seals, o-rings, gasket stuff online for about $155 shipping included. I could've bought it locally for about $250. While saving $100 I am incurring the risk of maintaining the pool with no pump circulation for about a week vs. fixing it same day with local parts.

    May regret it, but I'm committed now!

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