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Thread: Sigh...closing a green pool?

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    Sigh...closing a green pool?

    Hey all...I've posted a couple of times about turning our inherited green swamp into a "sparkling oasis" like so many on this site have done before! I ordered the kit, got the bleach, everything...we decided we'd start the process this past week since husband would be home to help...looks like it's not meant to be

    As I said in maybe my first post, I'm pregnant and baby is due within 5 weeks or so. No big deal...except now doctor has recommended somewhat of a bed rest period for me after my last visit...Nothing serious, just low fluid levels and lots of other medical terms...I'm not completely bedridden, but being out in the heat, brushing the pool and pouring bleach in...definite no-no. Husband works pretty much sun up til sun down while I'm out on this pre-maternity leave now, and it looks like the SLAM process is just something we can't do right now.

    We inherited this pool (swamp) as part of our home purchase and were excited to get it nice and blue for the rest of the summer...but we've decided financially, and health-wise for me and the baby, pool can't be a priority right now

    So, we're looking for some assistance to help close it as "right" as possible while it's green so that we can start the SLAM process ASAP next spring.

    Tested just this morning and our numbers are:

    FC: 0 (didn't add anything because only had those dreaded tablets and wanted to start the SLAM process with BBB method)
    ph 7.6
    TA 50
    CH 60
    CYA 100

    SO I think based on the "targets" for my pool type and size, my TA is a little low and my CYA is way too high...right? Does that need to change in order to close correctly and avoid major damage to our pool?

    I've read on a few past posts people asking if there's a danger in closing the pool green and it seems like most TFP experts and common-posters are saying we'd just have to be prepared to start out green next spring, which we are. Just wondering if, based on those numbers, there's anything we should do or add before putting the cover on?

    Any help at all in keeping the pool closed from now until next spring (April-May) is appreciated! Do we still run filter for part of the day for example? Should we lower the water level a bit?

    Thanks for any help! My husband said "I hope the people on the forum aren't disappointed in us!" We felt like we were giving up at first, but I guess baby is running the show already, and we're confident now we have the tools to have a wonderful, sparkling pool all next summer and every year after that!!!

    Thanks all
    Charlotte, NC
    16x32 pool, 3ft shallow end, 8 foot deep end
    Hayward Sand Filter

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    Re: Sigh...closing a green pool?

    There is a sticky in this forum, right above your post on how to close an inground pool. It should help guide you. Other's will surely chime in on anything you must and should do. I don't own an inground so I can't tell you specifics.

    I do know those lil ones run the show though! Congrats on your new bundle that is about to arrive!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

    24' Sharkline Venture De Filter

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