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Thread: lap pool design

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    lap pool design

    What are your thoughts on a 12' wide pool (x 50' long)? Too narrow? [Yes, I know no one ever says I wish my pool were narrower or shorter.] How many strainer/suction ports going back to the filter? And where would you put them? How many lights and where would you put them? Would putting the pump station below surface level not be recommended? If there were a leak around the pumps you could drain the pool.

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    Re: lap pool design

    Most above ground pools have the equipment below water level, and yes equipment breakage does sometimes lead to draining the pool but not often. Could probably get by with one return and skimmer at opposite ends. It would be harder to swim in one direction than the other when the pump was on. Generally recommended for lights to point away from entertainment areas to avoid glare.
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    Re: lap pool design

    My pool is 43' long. 5' are taken up by steps. So if/when i swim laps, i've got 40' to work with. 40' is way to short in my opinion. I find swimming in circles works better for me.

    I think if you are a serious swimmer, you'd want it longer.
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    Re: lap pool design

    Our pool (under construction) is not a rectangle but its designed to be a lap pool. 54'x14' at the widest point (not counting the tanning ledge) and 54'x8' at the narrowest point.
    I really wanted to go to 60' but had to make some design adjustments. I'd say if you are getting primarily a lap pool go to 60' if you can.

    I think 12' is not narrow at all. I have researched a lot and looked for pictures of residential lap pools and usually they are long and narrow. 12' being one one of the wider widths.

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