So, three year old TigerShark QC. Paid $1066 at local pool & spa store (yes, I know internet price is much cheaper, but wanted to establish a customer relationship with the small local shop - heck, they test my spa and pool water for nothing and I get bulk chemicals online, so had to throw them some business) Anyway, Unit has worked well since purchased. Same minor issues as others (more time in deep end, doesn't seem to ever get one area of shallow end at all unless I manually push it in that area. Chimbs walls well! Had to install restrictor to keep it from climbing right out of the pool! Now, two months after the 3 year warranty has run out, it starts acting up. Coincident?? Intersting. You would almost think they programmed the motors to **** out after 36 months or so to force you to have to get it repaired or replaced! Wonder if any disgruntled former employees could confirm or deny that. Anyway, Has power. Starts to run when reset or powered on, then in about 4-5 seconds, stops. Power cycle again, starts up, then stops again. Checked for obstructions -None, tracks can be manually moved with no binding. Checked for flow restrictions - None. Filters cleaned and even removed for testing - same result. So, would you spend the $450+ to replace the motor and while I'm at it, the tracks and two brush rollers - (I can perform this work myself with no problems), or purchase another new unit with a new warranty and new power pack?