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Thread: Old Inground Pool - Bulging Fiberglass Sides after Re-Model

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    Old Inground Pool - Bulging Fiberglass Sides after Re-Model

    Hello All!!
    Ok, so we have an almost 60 year old pool that we inherited with the house we bought. We LOVE it, so we did a ton of work to renovate it. We worked with a pool guy here in town who was super nice and helpful and told us what to do basically, but we did most of the reno ourselves. We ripped out all the old concrete, replaced all the old piping, added a new return, fixed a wobbly wall, put new coping and just yesterday had the pool guys come and pour new concrete. It's a concrete bottom, fiberglass side pool btw.
    Anyway, we started the reno in the first place as the one side had wobly/bulging walls near the top that had come free from the coping, so water was getting in behind there and creating problems. We ripped out all the concrete and dug out beside the wall, got the wall pretty well straight again (not perfect but good) and put new coping on before the new pour. The guys just poured it yesterday, and when I went out to look at it, the wall has now bulged again. I t's better than it was before we started this whole thing, but it's worse than it was the day before. The coping is still intact to it, but it makes me nervous. It's like they stepped on the pea gravel too close to the top edge and pushed it back in again.. we tied the walls back and left the ties in there, held back by the concrete and bars, but I'm afraid the wall will eventually separate from the coping again. Since we just did all this work, it makes me sick to my stomach. Does anyone know if this is ok and just looks kinda bad, or will it jeopardize the structural integrity in that spot?? Thanks for any input. It's hard finding info on old pools on the internet!
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    Re: Old Pool - Bulging Fiberglass Sides after Re-Model :(

    Here is the pool from a further back view
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    Re: Old Pool - Bulging Fiberglass Sides after Re-Model :(

    See?? Bulge up close... didn't have a good pic of it yesterday Any comments/experience with this wud be appreciated will the coping last? will the walls be ok? I think part of it is that when it was built almost 60 years ago, it wasn't perfect, so the sides are not perfectly rounded on the radius they should be... I know things were really done by hand then. Anyway, thanks all!
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    Re: Old Pool - Bulging Fiberglass Sides after Re-Model :(

    It will probably hold up for a while. If it does pop, when you fix it next time you can beef up the fiberglass in that area. You can just grind the back a little to roughen it up and then build up some fiberglass stiffener beams using mat and resin. Just use some plywood as a form on the inside to hold it where you want it while it cures. You can use some flexible hdpe pipe on the wall to build the beam over.
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    Re: Old Inground Pool - Bulging Fiberglass Sides after Re-Mo

    Thank you for your reply! Sounds like a good idea... I wish we had done it just now when we had it all dug out! We knew it wasn't going to be perfect, but I didn't think it would still look like this Once the liner is in, I think it will hide it even more, but ya... just kinda stinks.

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