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Thread: Seem to be losing a lot of FC each day

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    Seem to be losing a lot of FC each day

    I started BBB halfway through last season and am a convert... I am so happy to actually know what's going on in my pool and add chemicals intelligently instead of willy nilly!

    Back in early June when I opened the pool I would lose 1-1.5 ppm FC per day. Now (mid July) I'm losing 2.5 -3. The water is obviously warmer (now 80F) and it's sunnier (like many of you, in a huge heat wave right now). The pool is in full sun 80% of the day. It's usually just me in the pool for 10-30 min/day (pretty minimal use overall). Does that seem like a lot of FC loss?

    The rest of my numbers:
    FC 6.5 - 8 depending on the day
    CC 0
    pH 7.2
    TA 60
    CYA 50

    Volume: 100000L

    Is my target FC too high? When I was targeting FC of 6 it would sometimes drop to 4 on a sunny day and then the beginnings of algae started so I had to pounce right away. I decided to increase my target FC a bit but perhaps my CYA isn't high enough for a target FC of 7-8 so I'm losing a lot of FC each day?
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    Re: Seem to be losing a lot of FC each day

    If you passed the OCLT then I'd say you may be holding your FC a little too high. I'd target a couple of ppm less and see what happens. However, a couple of ppm of FC a day is not a big price to pay for not having algae.
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    Re: Seem to be losing a lot of FC each day

    Your results mirror mine exactly. Since May daily FC loss was 1 to 1.5, but the pool never got above 78 and rain for weeks. The last week of 100% sun and pool shooting up to 88 degreesand a lot more swiming, I am losing 3 to 3.5FCs, but was expecting the increased loss. Also bumping my CYA back up - started season at 45, but 7 inches of rain dropped it to mid to high 30s.
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