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Thread: Help! I can't take this anymore

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    Help! I can't take this anymore

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new to this forum, but have followed it for the last year. My problem is that I just got a new liner this season (Yes!) However the fire dept could only truck in about 7,000 gallons of my 18,000 gallon pool. The remainder came from my well water. I have a SWG and cannot remove the metals from the pool. I've been using Jacks Purple, Nat Chem Metal Free, Super Sequasol, and CUlator and they have not worked. Because I am nearly broke from purchasing so many products this year I tried one last item. Tonite I just used a spray floc (Revive). You are to turn off pump for 24 hrs and spray this on attached to garden hose. This is supposed to settle metals (and phosphates) to the bottom and vac to waste. Well after 3 hours, there is no change in the dark green pool water. It is a transparent green, especially dark in the deep end. I am at my wits end with this. I'll get the pool somewhat clearer and then as soon as I boost with the SWG it is green again. HELP What else can I do?

    I have a SWG, 18,000 gallon in ground pool.
    TA 120
    Chlorine 6
    PH 7.0 (Only because I just added muratic acid last nite and I have been aerating

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    Re: Help! I can't take this anymore

    You say you've been reading this forum for a year....but do you have a proper test kit?
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    Re: Help! I can't take this anymore

    Just bought it tonite Taylor 100. I've been going to store to have water tested. They use Taylor kit

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    Re: Help! I can't take this anymore

    Hi, welcome to TFP! I have some questions for you. Which metals do you have in your pool and how high are their levels? What is your CYA level? What is your calcium level? Do you currently have problems with algae?
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    Re: Help! I can't take this anymore

    Welcome to TFP.

    Floc is one of those hit or miss propositions. However, 3 hours isn't enough time to see it working. They recommend the full 24 hours without the pump running because sometimes it takes that long for it to work. Leave the pump off until tonight and then follow the directions on what to do next.

    Whether it works or not, post back and we'll go from there.
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    Re: Help! I can't take this anymore

    Carolee, I am on well water that has a heavy iron load and I never completely combat it but with respect to the transparent green I'm guessing you may have a high iron load at the moment. If you have a sand filter and decent circulation you may find that over several days (after the floc experiment) some of it ay filter out.

    You might also try a product (I know, you've already spent so much!) called ferritabs (here's the link ) that appears to reduce oxidized iron that's not been sequestered.

    Once you get rid of the clear green, you will want to maintain the Jacks weekly to reduce staining on your new liner. You ay also want to try an ascorbic acid treatment.

    If you have a water softener, you might also want to connect it to the outdoor faucet closest to the pool for top ups to keep the iron lad reduced.

    Please let us know how the floc goes....I might try that some time if it reduces phosphates as well. My pool has a super super high phosphate load from the constantly spent orthophosphate byproduct of sequestering, and while phosphates generally don't atter, I have seen one thread where a treatment of very high levels reduced staining.
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    Re: Help! I can't take this anymore

    Do you have a current pic of your pool water? That would be very helpful.
    Dave S.
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