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Thread: Lots of floaties in the pool

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    Lots of floaties in the pool

    So, I've been having some issues with lots of floaties (weird description I know) in the pool. They are usually between the top of the water and the bottom of the pool. So, my Pool Blaster iVAC M3 can't really get them, my Polais 65 mostly gets stuff on the bottom, and good ole manual leaf skimmer isn't cutting it all that great. I am starting to wonder if I just need to keep my filter on longer (keeping it on for 8 hrs a day currently). If you can look past the floaties, the water is very clear and chemicals are within normal ranges.

    Do you think if I keep the pump/filter on for a couple days straight that will clean things up? On top of doing normal maintenance with the cleaners/nets/etc.?
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    Re: Lots of floaties in the pool

    I would say it could be several things. Short run time, if sand filter, may e channeling. I know I just tried the DE in my sand filter and the pressure jumped from 12 to 20 over night and I would have to say the had a sparkle to it. Maybe try DE and an over night run to see what happens.

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    Re: Lots of floaties in the pool

    When you add DE to a sand filter, you should watch the pressures. Overnight may be the best time.

    While you are in the yard mowing the lawn and weeding would be a better time to babysit the filter since you are not sure how fast the pressures will rise.
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    Re: Lots of floaties in the pool

    OP has cart filter.

    You could try some skimmer socks. They can work wonders.

    Also, check to see that you have a nice water flow around the pool. You can test the water flow with [s:1c3mqqb8]tennis[/s:1c3mqqb8] ping pong balls. Just toss them in and watch their movement. You may need to aim some returns to help with the circular motion around the pool.

    You could also increase run time to about 12 hours a day and see how that works.

    It would be nice to see a set of water test results.
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