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Thread: My Borate experience

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    My Borate experience

    I was interiged about adding 50 ppm of borate to my residential pool to see what if the benefits I would find in my own experience. Here is what I found with my experience over the past month.

    - Reduced chlorine demand: I tried to do a cost analisis of the chlorine cost before and after but I was not very consistent going into it. I have noticed a small reduction in demand from day to day but it probably only amounts to a few less ounces a day of bleach; $10 down to $9 per week. I am a bit inconsistent about testing at night as this is my parent's pool. I can say that the days when my chlorine falls below the min. for my CYA requirement I have not seen any sign of Algae as I did before the treatment. I feel like the Borax now gives me a short buffer that I didn't have between Chlorine testings before the algae can take hold.

    - Look/Clarity: I can absolutely say that the water has a constant cool blue color improvement than it did before the treatment. It may just be me but I feel like in the past I could see clear water as slightly aggressive. Now it looks calming; this may just be my imagination/placebo.

    - Comfort improvement: Absolutely. The water is noticeably softer. I can open my eyes under water with little discomfort and improved clarity.

    - ph buffer: probably positive. I can't speak to this as I rarely need to add MA. I assume this is a consistent benefit to the addition of Borax. Still use the same amount MA just less often.

    Overall a it has been a good decision for me as I spent aprox $110 worth of borax, MA, & Lamont Test strips. I would do it agin and will continue to add this as needed.

    Considering it for the big pools I run, also.
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    Re: My Borate experience

    I recently did the Borax as well. The most noticable difference is the way I am holding Chlorine now. I am running my SWG at 50% with filter/pump running 7 hours/day. And I am maintaining a reading at dusk of 5.0 FC. Prior to Borates I was running at 100% for same 7 hours and I was lucky if I was reading 1.0.

    Worth noting that I also got my CYA level up from 15 to 45 around the same time time I Borated, so I am sure this is a factor too. But even in the past when I had acceptable CYA levels, I never remember my SWG working this efficiently.

    Not much of a notice in the look of the water. I don't get that "sparkle" that guys talk about. (I always felt my water sparkled). But I still need to get some more Borax in there. I am currently at about 40 ppm. I do feel the softness however.
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