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Thread: cant get water clear

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    cant get water clear

    Been struggling with getting the salt water to clear. Can see the bottom drains thru the haze, but not sure what is preventing the crystal clear water of earlier this season. we have had roughly 4 inches of rain over the past couple weeks so we've had to dump water several times. Have also been running low PH.. right around 7.2 consistently. Based on what I read about cloudy water I thought we may have an issue that chlorine would fix so I dumped about 1.5 gallons of bleach in last night and let the filter run overnight. Still not clear this afternoon, but FC is quite high.

    Full chem as of 2pm today:
    PH 7.3
    FC 13.5
    CC 0
    TA 90
    CYA 60
    Borate 15 (last time I checked which was 2 days ago)

    Got something in the water or out of whack, but not sure what to do. Appreciate your feedback.
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    Re: cant get water clear

    Well, it sounds like you need the SLAM process.

    And with your CYA level, high as it is, your FC level is not high enough. It should be somewhere above 18. For days. Also, if it's not filtering well, adding a little DE to the sand filter might help.

    Have you studied the article in Pool School about SLAM?
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    Re: cant get water clear

    I was thinking I might need to go there and shock it good, but the low PH had me a bit baffled too. Pool is only a year old so the filter in in real good shape.
    Is it safe to swim while the SLAM process is being carried out, or should we wait till the FC is down to a certain level??
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    Re: cant get water clear

    Also... should the cover remain off during this entire process?? We usually put it on every night to maintain the water temp. But I might think this could also not allow the FC to disapate.
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    Re: cant get water clear

    I would leave cover off during the SLAM due to the high chlorine level.

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    Re: cant get water clear

    You can swim up to shock level for your CYA. It is best to leave the cover off to allow the sun to burn off the CC and let the pool "breathe."
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