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Thread: Jacuzzi sand filter multiport leak

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    Jacuzzi sand filter multiport leak

    My wife and I acquired our 1st pool when we bought our own place. We were assured the 24' diameter above ground pool worked even though it was less than half full and not maintained at all for a couple of years (water was nearly black). Repeated drops in the water level since this spring have made it clear there is a leak somewhere.

    A friend who works in pools visited and helped me open the pool so I could recycle the water by connecting some of the plumbing and attaching the vacuum hose directly to the pump. Cleaning and recycling the water was a lot of work including changing the sand but it is crystal clear now. Even since cleaning the water I have been unable to find a cut, tear or hole anywhere in the liner and have been adding water repeatedly for fear the wind would lift and destroy the pool completely if the water drops to any less than 4" at the side.

    Thinking that it must be the bottom drain that was leaking my friend finally plugged it before he left and disconnected its hose from the flow valve under the skimmer. Thinking we found the leak I connected more of the plumbing by installing my salt water chlorinator between my filter and return though I have not used it yet. I also changed the old flow valves which were getting brittle. However before filling it up with a truckload of water I found that it still leaks. Another friend suggests that the only economical way to find the leak is to pull back the liner to see where it is wet. Is there another way I can do this myself?

    And now even the filter is leaking out the top of the multiport right around the lever. I pulled it apart and it looks fine even the spider gasket seems decent. What can be the cause of this leak and what can be done about it?

    15,000 gallon above ground, 1-1/2HP Jacuzzi pump and 22" diameter Jacuzzi sand filter, Zodiac Clearwater salt water chlorinator.
    15,000 gallon above ground, 1-1/2 HP Jacuzzi pump, 22" dia. Jacuzzi sand filter 250lbs, Zodiac Clearwater salt water chlorinator.

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    Re: Jacuzzi sand filter multiport leak

    Welcome to the forum.

    I know of no easy way to find the pool leak.

    The multiport leak might be easier. Isn't there a rubber gasket that seals just underneath the handle on the multiport? That gasket probably needs replacing.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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    Re: Jacuzzi sand filter multiport leak

    I was a little afraid of taking it apart as the spring might make it difficult to get back together but I'll try removing the pin that holds the lever in place and see if there is a small gasket that needs replacing. Thanks.

    As to a leak in the liner are there no symptoms or signs near a leak such as either a depression due to the sand below the liner washing away or maybe a bump due to water buildup (swelling) in the ground? I have heard of a device that uses a current to detect where the ground around the pool is wet. It seems a current is directed into the pool and will complete a closed circuit when the other end of the wire is inserted into the ground where the water is coming out. It sounds ingenious but it is apparently expensive.

    Thanks again,
    15,000 gallon above ground, 1-1/2 HP Jacuzzi pump, 22" dia. Jacuzzi sand filter 250lbs, Zodiac Clearwater salt water chlorinator.

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    Re: Jacuzzi sand filter multiport leak

    You could unhook the hoses from the filter/pump and hang them up where they dont drain or leak and see if the leak is in the pool or the filter. Not sure how long that would take you.

    I also have a 2 speed jazuzzi filter/pump and I tried to look up any information on them and couldnt find anything at all. I believe someone told me that someone bought out jazuzzi. If you can find any info on them, please let me know.

    Mine has a thin rectangular box on the front of the pump with a push pull type valve on it to shut off the water and it leaks some right there and also it leaks some around where the plastic hose adapter threads into the filter connection. Just some places for you to look. Also I noticed while I was backwashing one time that air was getting sent to the pump strainer basket. I had to turn and jiggle and reseat the mutiport valve lever and it quit. You are only supposed to turn the mulitport valve lever clockwise, If I remember correctly about was it says on mine.
    18,000 Gallon Aboveground. Sand Filter with 2HP 2 speed Pump.

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    Re: Jacuzzi sand filter multiport leak

    Thanks Dave. You were right about there being a small gasket below the handle. I removed the pin holding the handle on and after removing the whole multiport found a small black ring gasket inside. It looked fine but I did find some debris around the coil spring which I cleaned out and put it back together. It's rather a simple construction and not too many parts. BTW needed to insert the multiport into my vise to compress to get the pin back into place. But it was not hard to do. I got it back on top of the filter and it hasn't leaked yet. Here's hoping it's good for awhile.

    Now if only I can find the leak in the liner. My kids keep begging to go to the pool. It seems a waste when we have our own in the back yard with just a few inches in the bottom.
    15,000 gallon above ground, 1-1/2 HP Jacuzzi pump, 22" dia. Jacuzzi sand filter 250lbs, Zodiac Clearwater salt water chlorinator.

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