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Thread: Pristine Blue?

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    Pristine Blue?

    Hi, I have had a pool in the past in my old house. We just had a pool installed (actually still has some things being worked on). The installer suggested Pristine Blue instead of Chlorine. Is anyone else using Pristine Blue? Our installer has not really turned the chemicals over to us, but I can tell you we have not yet had a clear pool. It is always cloudy. At first it was slimy and then he "put the start up Pristine Blue Stuff"?? along with chlorine and suggested we keep a couple of bottles of chlorine around to clear up cloudiness. We put a gallon of chlorine in last night (still cloudy).

    One more question, there is a rock coming through the pool liner in front of our steps. It is actually turning white where it is wearing through. This is a brand new pool. The installer says he can move that rock so it doesn't come through. Does anyone have an opinion about that. Can that be done without having a problem and if it can be moved out, where it is wearing through the liner, is it going to get a hole anyway?
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    Re: Pristine Blue?

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    Pristine Blue is a copper product, and we do not recommend it because it is not a safe sanitizer and it can cause staining of your pool and bathers' hair.
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    Re: Pristine Blue?

    I actually had the person who was cutting my hair today say something about a green tint to my hair. We asked our pool installer to put a chlorine tablet feeder in because our last pool had one and we never had problems. Also have auto cover. He will not put one on and swears by pristine blue and says it is the best thing to use, much cheaper than chlorine and says our liner and other equipment will last longer.

    Is it true that chlorine will wear your pool equipment and liner out much faster?

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    Re: Pristine Blue?

    Quote Originally Posted by debbieg
    Is it true that chlorine will wear your pool equipment and liner out much faster?
    If you blindly throw any chemical in your pool, it has the potential of doing damage.

    The way we do things around here, we put only what's required into the pool. When you put the proper amount of chlorine in your pool, there will be no damage to the equipment due to the chlorine. Plain old bleach is hands down the best way to keep your pool safe and clean, and with a little planning, it will be by far the cheapest way as well.

    Head on over to Pool School and read "The ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry." Probably one of the most overlooked but important articles on the whole page. Post back any questions you have.

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