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Thread: Foam after cleaning the pump basket?

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    Foam after cleaning the pump basket?

    I just bought a new place with an in-ground pool 2 weeks ago. (pool is around 27,000gallons) 38.5x17 rectangle (rounded corners) with a 3ft shallow, 8ft deep.

    Upon the first heavy rain storm I wasn’t really sure what to add, chlorine was down so I added chlorine and ½ a jug of 5% algaecide.

    I then shut the pump off, cleaned out the skimmer at the pump. Filled it with water and turned the pump on. At this point I realized I had to fill the basket a few times to get the pump to “prime”. Went with my business not knowing what im doing. Bam 1/2hr later the pool was full of foam. My father came over to show me some things and right away was like “Wow put enough algaecide in there”. That night I backwashed out about 2-3inches and filled the pool up to dilute it, and skimmed the top of the water

    Next afternoon the pool was perfect. This was 1 week ago. Just maintained the chlorine and have vacuumed the pool since.

    So Last night I shut the pump off, opened the skimmer lid, cleaned the basket, tossed water in, turned the pump on.

    I jumped in the pool and noticed a lot of air bubbles etc. kept opening the skimmer adding water etc. Come out 1hr later to make sure the pump wasn’t running dry and notice this **** foam everywhere again! So skimmed off it etc.

    Now Obviously I am missing a step when pulling the strainer basket out.

    The only “valve: I have going into the basket is the Multiport. 2 Lines run into it. there is PORT 1 on the one line, PORT 2 on the Other. I can turn the dial anywhere in between to mix them and turn it to OFF. Am I suppose to be closing this prior to pulling the basket? Then filling it, turning the pump on then putting it back to my ½ port 1&2 setting?

    There is no Pressure relief valve on the top of the sand filter either.

    Thanks for any help. I have a big house warming in 3 days and want a nice looking pool!


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    Re: Foam after cleaning the pump basket?

    Welcome to the forum.
    like “Wow put enough algaecide in there”.
    I am not sure what that means but if you added algaecide, that is the likely source of the foam.

    If you maintain adequate chlorine levels and stop using algaecide, your pool will stay clear.

    Read "The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" up in Pool School
    Dave S.
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    Re: Foam after cleaning the pump basket?

    Well I got home from work and it was clear again. I picked up a new o-ring for the basket cover and it seems to be perfect. No air leaks I can hear.

    Still unsure what to do as in bleeding the system since I don't have a bleeder or shut off valve. I think next spring I am going to install some shut offs.

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