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Thread: Pebble Sheen Pool Startup

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    Pebble Sheen Pool Startup

    We just had our IG pool redone with aqua blue pebble sheen, in fact they finished the acid wash and buff today. The contractor
    then started to fill the pool. Well, before I got home from work, I found out that my pool guy is off on vacation for at least a week
    (maybe more) so he won't be able to do the startup. Pebble-Tec has very specific instructions on how to startup a pool. They look
    fairly easy to follow, but I will be gone for a week for work and can't do it.

    My question is, can I leave the pool empty for 5-7 days until my pool guy returns or do I absolutely need to fill it?

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    Re: Pebble Sheen Pool Startup

    I just went through a Pebble Sheen startup with a friend of mine. You must fill it immediately. The critical things are brushing to get rid of dust and pH management. After a few days you start adding chlorine and stabilizer...slowly.

    Do you have test kit?
    Do you know the quality/levels of your fill water?
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    Re: Pebble Sheen Pool Startup

    Ask your pool guy if he has another pool guy friend to back him up while he's gone.
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    Re: Pebble Sheen Pool Startup

    I had a feeling I needed to fill it immediately, problem is that I don't have test kit or know the quality of my fill water, pool guys does all that.
    And he's on vacation with no way to contact him. So I guess I'll fill it and try to locate another pool guy that's familiar with Pebble Sheen and can
    do the startup.

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    Re: Pebble Sheen Pool Startup

    Stating the obvious, you should have a testkit in your possession.

    No one is going to care about your pool chemistry like you do.

    Who is going to manage your pool water?
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    Re: Pebble Sheen Pool Startup

    Not having the time to look for a backup pool guy, I decided to do the startup myself.
    Following the startup directions left me by the plaster company, I went to my local pool store and had
    the fill water analyzed. Got some acid, chlorine and stabilizer,
    along with some test strips. The fill water ph was 8.0, so per the water analysis, I added 24 oz of
    acid, will retest in four hours. After the ph is stable, I'll add the recommended amounts of chlorine and stabilizer.
    I can't add salt to the water for 30 days until the Pebble Sheen has completely cured.

    Am I missing anything?

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    Re: Pebble Sheen Pool Startup

    Get a TF100 test kit... much better than the test strips (per the experts on this forum). The finish is important and you want that water chemistry to be correct to make sure everything cures properly.
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    Re: Pebble Sheen Pool Startup

    I have been told it is also critical with pebblesheen that you get the pool all the way full without stopping and keep it full so the waterline is on the tile where it should be. Apparently you can get a waterline ring if the pool level is below full and stays put in one place for too long
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