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Thread: How to handle poor pool installation

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    How to handle poor pool installation

    Looking for advice on how to deal with poor quality in-ground vinyl pool. installation job. 1) Pool installed crooked in yard (5 inches in 10 feet not parallel with house) 2) Not level (one side 1.5-2 inches lower), 8 foot fiberglass steps not level 3) Coping damaged by hammer dings in multiple areas 4) Concrete pitted on ends and along vinyl expansion joints 5) vinyl joints mis-aligned, not installed straight (not 90 degrees), wavy. 5) two bulges in vermiculite on edge of steel sides (4 foot by one inch and 8 inches by one inch) 6) 6 inch by 2 inch cave-in of vermiculite on drain.

    Selected builder due to 50 year's in business. Spent around $40K ($10K on concrete) 18 by 44 lazy L with deep end.

    Am in early stages of discussion, dealing with project manager.

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    Re: How to handle poor pool installation

    We need pictures. Sounds terrible from your description, like a total redo.
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    Re: How to handle poor pool installation

    Jr George2,
    Probably the 50-year track record was the reputation of someone else (from whom your builder bought or inherited the company), unless your PB is near 80 years old. In which case he may have lost his edge.

    Step 1. As it doesn't pay to use adversarial behavior, after impressing upon him that this is the pool you always wanted, the one you especially hired HIM to create for you, I would simply and calmly tell him that you're not satisfied with those specific and particular details to date, AND inquire as to how the situation can be remedied. Be friendly, and allow him to be the hero for helping you out.

    Step 2. If he doesn't respond positively, ask him what you need to do to make it work out.

    Step 3. Go over his head, to his boss, and start with Step 1 again.

    If he IS the boss, or the boss isn't responsive either, quietly get yourself legal assistance. It's possible you may have to have the partial pool torn out and started over to get what you want, and that will require you getting your money back plus more.

    Another idea is to mention "your FRIEND who is interested in a pool too, how you'd really like to recommend the PB. And he/she works for the local newspaper (or TV station)."

    [Sometimes local consumer advocates can get results, but the bad publicity that comes down doesn't often help you. It would NOT likely get you an excellent job on your project. Mostly, it warns other potential customers away from the company.]

    And quietly get yourself legal assistance. Have you looked online at public records to find out whether there are currently or have been recent lawsuits against this PB? Do that too, if at all possible.

    You may also want to ask your local building inspector what can be done, and though many of them are not particularly helpful types, you might get lucky. Again, let him be the hero. Have him be the one to require the corrections, if he thinks they are possible.

    Good luck with getting this straightened out. I hope your Project Manager and your Pool Builder are responsive, and that it's not too late to get some things corrected.
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