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Thread: Looking to install an inground pool!

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    Looking to install an inground pool!

    My husband and I have both wanted an inground pool since we left my mother's house 7 years ago. We purchased a house with an above ground pool with the intention of some day tearing it down and putting in an inground pool. Well the time has come and we are ready to do this at the end of this summer season. ..... Problem is, I have done a little research and the more I read the more confused I get.

    My main questions at this point in the search:
    #1 who is a reputable pool company in the Bucks County area? I am looking for someone who is reputable, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would also like to hear about those to stay away from.

    #2 What are the pro's and cons to Fiberglass, concrete and vinyl liners? My mother had a concrete pool, and I understand they come with some not so good reviews over the years.

    #3 Do most pool companies have the capabilities to give me an idea as to what the pool will look like in my yard? Or am I just going on a whim that it will look nice?

    I hope that with your help, we will be on our way to picking out and installing a pool come September. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.!

    Thanks MommaWebbie
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    Re: Looking to install an inground pool!

    Good luck on your install. I am an AG owner and have way too much invested in to to change.
    -- Guy --
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    Re: Looking to install an inground pool!

    @techguy We bought the house with an AG and have had it for 7 years now, the prior owners did exactly take the best care of it, but we replaced the liner, and bough a new pump, it has done the job, but there are areas of rust now forming and it's time to go! :0
    17500 Gallons - ABG - from (which I highly recommend)
    Sand Filter - Zeo Sand & Pool Frog 1.5HP Pump
    Installed 6/22/2013 by myself, my husband and my dad - go us!

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    Re: Looking to install an inground pool!

    Welcome! I'm glad you are here prior to your pool building experience! Might i suggest you start reading Pool School. Reason being is there is a lot of info there, that if known about prior to designing a pool and picking your equipment, will greatly affect your decisions.

    I also suggest you read through a few build threads found in the Under Construction area, here's my favorite one decided-to-build-first-pool-this-spring-t41345.html

    After you read several, you will get an idea of some of the issues that one can run into during a pool build.

    I'm just going to opine about pools for a little bit, a book could be written. Do you have a budget in mind? Do you anticipate doing a bunch of landscaping as well?

    We choose to do a vinyl lined pool to stay within our budget. We wanted an autocover and heat pump, and needed to do a bunch of landscaping and build a deck, so to afford all that we skimped on the pool's surface material (our pool was built like a gunite pool, except for the bottom). I like the vinyl...soft walls and it doesn't hurt your feet etc. I agree that a gunite/pebble pool looks nicer.

    We looked at fiberglass pools, even got a quote or two. I was shocked to learn there was no cost savings vs. a gunite pool. It may have been more expensive, can't remember. Ultimately they didn't have the design we wanted, rectangle and shallow.

    My pool builder is old school. No fancy 3D software, just a book of previous job pictures. I can visualize what people are describing, and spent several years as a full time landscaper building stone walls and patios so i was comfortable with this route. I do love seeing the 3D drawings people post here. Your call, but i would not discount a builder because they don't do that.

    The biggest thing i failed to do was to research the underlying features (bones) of the pool. I'm referring to pipe size, pipe run location, skimmer locations and numbers, valves, pump size, filter type and size, automation etc. Most builders prefer one brand over another, meaning they generally only install Hayward for example. My recommendation would be to go with whatever they normally install brand wise, but get recommendations here for the details, pump size, filter type and size etc. Luckily my pool builder did an okay job with all of this stuff, however i could have gotten a smaller pump.

    Another thing to consider in your budget is all the extras you may want need to enjoy your pool. New grill? New furniture? New power bills?

    Post some pictures of your proposed location, maybe someone can spot something you need to be thinking about.
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