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Thread: Cloudy pool since6/23/ wits end

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    Cloudy pool since6/23/ wits end

    First summer of owning new pool. May and first part of June pool looked awesome. Since June23, our pool has been cloudy and depressing. We have shocked it, used product to help with sick pool, and as of July8 the sand was replaced and the laterals and still looks cloudy and depressing. Our pool is 20x40, 31,300 gals, vinyl liner, salt water pool. I need help! This is the results of my last water sample:
    TDS: 4000
    CYA: 13
    Tot Chlorine: 10
    Free Chlorine: 9.9
    pH: 7.1
    Total Alk.: 82
    Tot Hardness: 247
    Salt: 3500
    No algae
    Pool people tell me not to drain the pool because it will ruin liner. It seems no matter how much chlorine, Muratic acid, and sick pool product we put in, nothing works! Please help!!!

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    Re: Cloudy pool since6/23/ wits end

    Welcome to TFP!

    First observation is that your CYA appears to be way too low for a SWG, although you are showing good FC. But, these appear to be test results from a pool store and generally not trustworthy.

    You need to follow the [slam:1enx2c6b]SLAM Process with one of the recommended test kits to clear up the pool.[/slam:1enx2c6b]

    There is a chance that adding some DE to the filter could help clear up the cloudiness, assuming there is nothing living on the water causing it to be cloudy.

    Read Pool School to start to learn and understand the chemistry.
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    Re: Cloudy pool since6/23/ wits end

    For starters, it looks like you got your results from a pool store... which are notoriously unreliable. It's best if you get yourself a good test kit like the TF100 most here recommend. You will have much more accurate readings without having to run to the store all the time, and will clear your pool more quickly because of it. When I first started here I was annoyed with everyone telling everyone to buy a test kit... trust me.. it will be your pools best friend!

    I'm guessing that your CYA isn't really 13. That is pretty low if you have used any pool store products such as shock or pucks. Plus, anything under 20 isn't real accurate for that test. Even though you have an SWG, I wouldn't add enough for an swg until you get the pool clear and pass an OCLT (overnight clorine loss test). If your level is below 30, I would aim for 30 until you get your water clear.. means less chlorine to do the job, then bump it up to 70 when you are ready to use the SWG again. It won't keep up with the volume of chlorine you need to shock/SLAM your pool.

    If your pool is cloudy, you have some kind of organic in it. Could be algae, dead algae, pollen, etc. Anytime you have cloudy water it means a need to SLAM (Shock Level and Maintain) your pool. Here is a link to the process To do this you first need a truly accurate CYA test result to know what your shock level is. Shocking your pool is a process, not a product. You will need bleach, non-scented, nothing fancy bleach to do the job... there are different concentrations of it now, and that's fine.. the pool calculator will help you figure how much you need to add.

    It's also a good idea to go to pool school and read the ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry to get a good understanding of how to balance your water.

    At this point I would try and maintain a your FC until you have a good test result for your CYA. Then you can start the SLAM process. No need to drain any of your pool at this point. Feel free to post test results again at any point... I'm just not sure I would trust a cya reading of 13. What shock and "sick pool products" have you used?
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    Re: Cloudy pool since6/23/ wits end

    JB has you covered. I'll supplement with this:

    Stop going to the pool store.
    Order a good test kit.
    Read Pool School.
    Read Pool School again.
    Browse some of the "Defeating Algae" threads. Look for the ones with lots of replies and the paperclip because those have pictures.
    Read Pool School again.
    Start the SLAM process with your new test kit, and keep us posted on your progress. We will help you make your pool cleaner than it's ever been.

    Welcome to the forum!
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