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Thread: White water mold?

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    White water mold?

    FAS DPD kit on order, have Taylor 2005C kit. I shocked the pool with 5 pounds of cal-hypo last night (it's all I had). The pool was in the sun all day and I took these readings at 7:00 PM.

    FC = .5 - 1.0
    TC = 1.5 - 2.0
    PH = 7.0 - 7.2
    TA = 300
    CH = 375 - 400
    CYA = 150 - 200

    I have been reading everything on the site I can for the last two weeks. Thanks for all the information. I finally understand the chemistry and no longer feel like a mushroom farmer when I'm talking to my local pool store.

    I'm checking my water daily now and switching to 12.5% bleach. I just quit using the tri-chlor pucks based on what I read here. I've been struggling with the PH and TA all season. My pool store finally checked for everything and told me my CYA was so high they couldn't get a good reading. I bought a Taylor 2005C based on their recommendation when I said I was tired of not getting anywhere. I also started reading this site. I exchanged 6,500 gallons of water a couple of days ago. That should have lowered the CYA but I know it's still very high.

    Last year when I closed the pool the filter basket in the pump assembly was full of white crud that seemed to be growing through the openings in the basket. The water was clear. I cleaned everything out and closed the pool. When I opened the pool the water was slightly cloudy but cleared up in day or two. I usually acid wash the DE fingers once the pool water is all cleaned up. When I did that about a month after I opened the pool, I found a small amount of white crud in the filter basket. I dropped the basket in the left over acid solution that I used to clean the fingers. That cleaned up right up. I also scrubbed it out of the skimmer opening and around the edge of the stairs. The vinyl seam around the skimmer and the stairs collect algae.

    The water is still clear but when I shock I find white/grey dust laying on the bottom of the liner in the seams. I assume this is dead algae? I use an algaecide along with the shock.

    Tonight I started aerating the water to bring the PH up while I work on the TA. I added a gallon of 12.5% bleach and a gallon of acid after I looked at the results I just posted.

    I was really surprised to see the shock level needed for a high CYA level. I didn't notice that the first time I read through the site. I have never used that much shock in the past. I think my biggest problem is my CYA is still so high that I can't keep the FC high enough and I'm not using enough shock.

    What do you suggest?
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    Re: White water mold?

    Your going to want to drain some more water and try to get your cya to a more managable level i think otherwise buy a few pallets of bleach
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    Re: White water mold?

    Yea that CYA is very high. Get that level down to 30-50 ppm.

    When you maintain the right FC levels you won't have to shock.

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