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Thread: SWG Chart/Run Time/Flow rate/ect

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    SWG Chart/Run Time/Flow rate/ect

    I was wondering if there is a flow chart for SWG. Something like pump RPM's /flow rate/ cell size/ pool size/ runtime/ ===How much clorine converted. and I relize water temp and sun exposure will factor in.
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    Re: SWG Chart/Run Time/Flow rate/ect

    Each pool, swg, filter system, location, etc. are so different that a flowsheet would be almost impossible to account for all possibilities.
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    Re: SWG Chart/Run Time/Flow rate/ect

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    What exactly are you trying to determine?

    The spec for T-15 cell is 1.45 lbs of chlorine per day (24 hr @ 100%). If you are running at a shorter time and lower setting you need to scale that amount of chlorine down.

    For your size pool, if you were running 24/7 at 100%, the cell should add 5.8ppm of FC to your pool.
    Most normal & clean pools lose 2-3 ppm of FC a day. So if you leave the SWG on 100%, you would need to run the pump/SWG between 8-12 hours to generate enough to maintain a constant FC level.

    We generally recommend sizing a SWG 1.5-3 times larger than your pool. Yours is only 1.33 times larger, thus you will have to run the SWG longer to maintain adequate chlorine.

    EDIT: I am not sure these calculation are correct ... I need to verify
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    Re: SWG Chart/Run Time/Flow rate/ect

    I believe that was one of my issues. my F C was constantly at 1ppm running the pump 8 to 10 hours a day 33 percent output of the pump. I'm going to increase my run time to 24 hours for one week at the same output and then check my FC
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    Re: SWG Chart/Run Time/Flow rate/ect

    If you know the max output, you can do the calculations like Jason did above. I built a spreadsheet that provides you a chart giving all the variations of time/percentage settings for an SWG. It works for me but it can't account for all variables. At least it gives a place to start.

    SWG Settings Spreadsheet

    To download it, choose File on the left hand side below the filename and go to the bottom of the dropdown and select Download.

    Once launched, enter in your max output (in pounds) for your SWG in the green box on the right side of the sheet. For you that will be 1.45. It will then auto-populate the grid and give you an idea on how much chlorine gas is being produced based on pump run time and SWG setting. You can then take that number and plug it into the pool calculator to see the effects on your specific pool.

    Give it a try. It's been a work in progress so I can't guarantee results. By the way, if you click on the second tab on the bottom of the spreadsheet, it will display a list of common SWGs and their outputs.
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    Re: SWG Chart/Run Time/Flow rate/ect

    Have you looked at the swg recommended levels? In particular, you want the cya level to be 70-80 ppm to help protect the chlorine your swg produces from the sun.
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    Re: SWG Chart/Run Time/Flow rate/ect

    Hey, I like the chart on Google drive. I used it as a starting point to see all the outputs vs pump runtime and %. Basically my thoughts are that moving water is better than still water, so keeping the pool circulating for 24 hours at the lowest possible speed should provide the best preformance of equiptment and chemicals. The chart provides the output of clorine from the SGW. so If one could create a baseline for how much clorine is needed for sunlite exposure and tempture. It would be a great tool.
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