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Thread: PB left me hanging and I have nobody else, please help!

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    PB left me hanging and I have nobody else, please help!

    Hello all,

    This is my first post here. After a lot of searching and reading I have definately learned a lot but I still have some questions about my particular setup.

    1. I like my spa water pressure up as high as possible. I have learned that bypassing the filter helps a lot, however I don't like to get out of the water to go switch up the Filter valve manually. Is it ok for me to just install another Jandy valve w Actuator (before the Vari-Flo valve) to bypass when in spa mode? I have a pentair easy touch for automation.

    2. I have a 6 jet system for the spa. I have some pics during the rebuild here

    The last jet on the far left in the pic has really low pressure. When I turn on the blower, it blows straight to the top and causes spillage over the deck. I checked all the jets for clogs and found clumps of pebble teck material in two of the strong ones but nothing in that weak one. Does my plumbing look right? I was going to try and use a snake to get further down into the pipes but wanted to get some opinions first.

    3. I cannot get my heater to work with the easy touch system. I could have sworn that I had it working at one time but couldn't get any consistency out of it. I am trying to control the heat settings as well as auto on when I go to spa mode. Now, I can't get it to do anything at all. I have to manually go to the heater, turn it on and then set temp. Is my heater possibly to old to work with the easytouch? Any suggestions here would be great.

    4. My pool filter pressure seems high. It fluctuates from about 20psi clean to 30psi dirty. I here such lower levels from everybody else here. Am I over pumping my system? some suggestions on things to try for lowering it would be well appreciated. I was looking to maybe upgrade a the new quad 60 but wanted to get this straight first.

    5. I have pool drain/filter grates all over the pool. On most pools I only see one or two. I have three about a foot awar from one another in the deep end, one about mid pool on the wall, one about a foot or so under the skimmer (on the wall) and one in the shallow area (on the wall) next to the steps. Oh and two more in the spa. I know that having two would avoid suction danger by releasing the pressure when the other clogged but what the heck is up with having 8 total?

    Pool Stats:

    16,000 gallon pool + Spa w 3 rock waterfalls
    Pentair easy touch
    Whisperflo 2.0 x2
    Purex Triton MiniMax 400 Heater
    Hayward 48 sq DE filter
    Air blower
    Auto pool filler

    Thanks for any help you can provide me. Even opinions would be nice at this point.
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    Welcome to TFP!

    The EasyTouch can control two valves, or four valves with the optional expansion kit. As long as you have an available valve control port you can add a valve as you describe.

    Just about any heater can be controlled by the EasyTouch. It sounds like it was either wired incorrectly or the control connection has been damaged.

    It looks like you have a 2 HP pump. The large pump means higher filter pressure.

    Eight drains? That is very strange. You need two for each pump and another two in the spa, but I have no idea what the others are for. Are you sure that they are all drains and not returns? I suppose the plumber might have plumbed a return line as a drain accidentally and the builder decided to just leave it that way.
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