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Thread: New here- questions about leveling intex pool

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    New here- questions about leveling intex pool

    Hi. I have a 15 ft x 48 inch intex metal frame pool. Blue on the outside. So put it up and it was 8 inches off. Had fun swimming in it for 3 days until it leaned to much and am draining the water now. It was a new spot in the yard this year and was not as level as I had thought. I have a 2x4 8 feet long with a level taped to it in order to level spot. once I level spot can I put pressure treated plywood down on top of the newly leveled spot and a tarp over it and the pool on top of that? Can the pool sit on top of plywood? I am not talking about just putting the posts on plywood but the entire pool. I plan then to lift the plywood up end of it...reseed grass and then put it down next year. We only get three months out of the year to swim here so the rest of the months I want grass.


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    Re: New here- questions about leveling intex pool

    I'd think the plywood would rot? Smushed between the pool and the wet ground with splash out.

    I was 4" off level, and it took an incredible amount of work for me to dig down the 4". I put down 3" of 1/4" gravel, then 1" of river sand. We have a short pool season as well.

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    Re: New here- questions about leveling intex pool

    I thought pressure treated wood does not rot. We have our toolshed sitting on pressure treated wood for several years and that is exposed to the elements. Odd thing is the ground LOOKS level. Its nuts. So here I go with a 2x4 and a level. AND by the time this thing goes back up and fills the kids will have it for about 3 weeks...but will use every day. I keep saying the labor and water is worth it. ugh.

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    Re: New here- questions about leveling intex pool

    What's the reason for the plywood vs. contact with the ground? I've read that some people will create a circle from sheets of foam building insulation as a protective cushion. I was going to try that this year, but leveling the ground sucked up extra funds.

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    Re: New here- questions about leveling intex pool

    I figured the wood would help distribute weight and prevent poles from sink ink and assist with leveling. Plywood I thought was easier than foam. Who knows.

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    Re: New here- questions about leveling intex pool

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    You certainly want to use something under the poles to distribute the weight. And I am pretty sure some members have used plywood instead of cement pavers. Whatever you use, you ideally want them to be within 1" of each other.

    Although re-reading your original post, I have never heard of anyone putting plywood under the entire pool. What would the point of that be?

    If you were to use the foam, you would need to cut out the places where the pavers/wood would go to support the legs.
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    Re: New here- questions about leveling intex pool

    Ply will still rot some and the seasonal up and down will cause the breakdown of the wood to be quicker than your shed floor who ch always remains unmoved. Depending on thickness and other factors, it could last for a number of years. Or, you can go with thin ply and plan on trashing it.
    8" out of level is way off. Shoot for 1" or less. Look up on you tube how to make a water less ("binyun level" might be the official name - but just search water level.) Materials will cost around $10.
    I used 1/2" foam only because I can't find any thicker in my climate area. It's gotten such use this season that I'm unsure it it will survive uninstall and storage for next year. Then I put plywood squares under the feet (right on top of the foam). I don't think the ply under the feet is necessary for me and my hard packed ground. Next year, I may not use foam under the pool or plywood under the feet. With the right layout, I think a flat install on bare ground (with tarp) will work fine.
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    Re: New here- questions about leveling intex pool

    You should be able to find a 25 psi XPS tongue & groove foam (the Pink stuff), probably 3/4" or 1" thick, for half the amount a sheet of PT plywood will cost.
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