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Thread: new to water...ammonia levels off the charts

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    new to water...ammonia levels off the charts

    WE take our water to the pool store to be tested at least weekly. Every thing seemed to be balanced except the FC level. WE've had significant amounts of rain, and lots of dirt and debris got into the pool. After a few days, we got that mess cleaned up. Now about a week later, our water turned green. No mention of algae by the pool store when the water was tested, but they said the ammonia levels were off the charts. We were instructed to put nothing in the pool and have no chlorine running through the chlorinator Rather, we were to drain and refill. After abour a week of draining/refilling, the water is still green. It seems to me that we need to have some some of chemicals going into the pool b/c the new water is not diluting the existing water. If we were to shock it, they said we would need to add 93 bags of shock (to the tune of about $1k). We are taking it to be tested again today, but I was hopeful that someone could give some guidance as I don't have much confidence in the pool store now.

    1) Not sure about gallons
    2) Cartridge - Triclops 300
    3) In ground - Concrete/plaster
    4) AO Smith 1HP 230V .....Wont know flo rate until I determine gallons

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    Re: new to water...ammonia levels off the char

    I'm no expert here, but the first thing people here are gonna want to know is your numbers. Pool store numbers are ok for now but you need to get a professional test kit and start testing your own water.

    Best money you'll ever spend. The Taylor kit is another option: ... 78-4349113

    People here will advice you from there.

    Once the pools fixed, go here to maintain:

    Shock(Ing) isn't a product either btw, it's a process.

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    Re: new to water...ammonia levels off the char

    You are correct in not trusting the pool store!!! First step get a good test kit of your own( only way to help yourself) 2nd step read poolschool 3rd step reread pool school several times ( it is worth your time) 3rd step dont ever use anything other that chlorine bleach in your pool Unless you know and understand ( not blindly listening to pool store) exactly what you are adding into your pool
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    Re: new to water...ammonia levels off the char

    Shock is a process, you need to know the CYA level in the pool to determine shock level.

    Step 0 - Update your profile with your pool specifications so we can help you.
    Step 1 - order a real test kit - (TF-100)
    Step 2 read pool school
    Step 3 - buy a lot of liquid bleach (unscented, not outdoor just the regular concentrated home depot or walmart 8.25% stuff) from walmart or home depot and go to town with the shock process. you can probably keep it at by by dumping in a couple (maybe more ... update your profile and we will help) gallons of bleach a day.
    step 4 - see step 2 until you get your test kit.
    Step 5 - TBD based on your numbers.
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